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Delivering What Customers Need

Today distributors need every advantage they can get.  They work hard to build their customer base, increase sales and gain enough trust for customers to spend more money. So it’s important to offer products and services that keep equipment running when their customers need it most. 

Graco recently worked with one distributor that needed a solution for their customers reoccurring equipment failures. The customer’s CAT 980K wheel loaders had a history of failures resulting in premature pin failures. “On larger machine applications, they installed competitive factory fit mono block metering valves that couldn’t deliver enough lubricant to critical lube points. They discontinued using any monitoring and feedback pump stations as a result of the failure history associated with the competitive product”, says Jack Rohlfs, District Manager for Graco’s Industrial Lubrication Equipment. “But Graco’s distributor provided a solution by designing a lubrication system utilizing Graco’s G3™ Max pump.”


The distributor is excited to specify the flexibility of a simple on-off timer with the option of upgrading to a full featured monitoring and feedback solution from a single pump platform–the G3 with Max Control. MSP® Divider Valves were used on the loader, delivering greater output range due to its modular design. The result is faster lube cycle events, and less stress on the G3 pump which provides adequate lubrication to each lubrication point.

Having the ability to offer an auto lube system upgrade at a nominal cost for after market is an advantage for CAT over its competition and adds to CAT’s reliability image. Plus, the distributor’s knowledge and service ability generates income opportunities that would otherwise be lost. It is a win for the OEM, distributor, manufacturer and most of all the customer. □

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