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McGee Company, Expanding into New Markets

Making a sale is the single most important goal of a distributor. It allows their business to buy more equipment, train employees, sell services and of course…make a profit.

The poor economy in recent years has made it harder and harder to increase revenue. Products need to be competitively priced and bring value to the buyer. One strategy for increasing sales is expanding your market.  Recently we talked with Mike Feeney, Lubrication Equipment Manager for McGee Company, about how he's expanding his customer base and increasing his company’s revenue with the Graco LD Series™ Pump line.


How did you start selling Graco’s LD Series Pump line?

Graco sent me a LD Series oil pump when it was first launched. It sat in my office for the month or two. I’ve been down the same road before when Graco introduced the Eagle and the Falcon pumps. To be honest, I was pretty skeptical about trying a new pump. After experiencing trouble in the past, I wanted to be sure that I had a really good place to try this one out.

How did you decide when to put the LD pump into service?

Everyone knows that the Fire-Ball is great and has little trouble in just about any application. But the Fire-Ball is more pump than we need in some applications. Customers don’t want to spend the money for a pump that is competing in the industry with compact import pumps. At a staff meeting we discussed a client need and thought we’d give the LD pump a try. We could sell it at a competitive price point and it was spec’d to do the job for the customer.

How has the LD Pump performed?

The technician that installed it came to me after the install and told me he was very impressed, and when the technician said he was impressed I began to give it more attention. The colors of the pump are appealing, it cleans up easily and looks like a good design. The tech said when he took it out of the box, it didn’t feel cheap like some of the more inexpensive pumps we’ve used and after the initial start-up it was performing as promised. It also has some nice features, like the inlet screen… that will save on throat packings. Built-in pressure relief and the bung adapter are a great added value right out of the box. LD’s also have a smoother change over than some other pumps, so we can install them on plastic tanks without having to worry about tank throats cracking.

Where are you installing the LD Pump?

The LD pump is a niche product that opens up new markets for us to sell into–it fills the void in the pump product line. Right now we’re getting sales from oil jobbers. They’re really catching on because Graco has most every package that they need and the pumps are proving to work reliably. We also have a lot of success in quick lubes and car dealerships where they have semi-synthetics and high mileage oils where not a lot of volume is used. The LD is perfect for that infrequent use or lower volume dispense application.

Have you had problems with this pump?

We have installed more than 100 pumps this past year and have had zero failures. I don’t want to apologize for anything I sell. This is a really good product and after 30 years experience with Graco products I’m confident selling it anywhere it fits. □

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