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New Marketing Tools Available

We've added more marketing tools to help you grow your business by promoting the Graco products you sell and service. Download print banners to hang in your lobby or at tradeshows. We've also added point of purchase ads for your sales counter. If you are looking for something specific, please contact to discuss your marketing and advertising needs.


Benefits of Thermal Relief

As the temperature of the oil increases, the pressure within the system increases too as a result of thermal expansion. If not properly relieved, this pressure can cause damage to pumps, meters, or hoses, and may cause spills. As system pressure builds due to thermal expansion, Graco’s Thermal Relief automatically relieves harmful pressure spikes that could result in equipment damage.




CAT, Bull Dog, or Deere

It doesn't matter the breed, everyone wants to save some money. No business owner wants to think about the next broken dog bone, bucket or king pin. They know that the cost to replace damaged components can add up fast.


Did You Know?

There’s no Need to Stick Bulk Tanks
A few basic components makes it easy to utilize the technology of Graco’s Matrix® system for reading fluid tanks. With Matrix Premier and Professional versions of software and transceiver along with Matrix Tank Level Monitors (TLMs) you can automate the measurement of bulk tanks. It offers a convenient and cost saving service to customers in any size shop. Eliminate out-of-stock problems and over-filling waste tank issues for your customers–Matrix automatically emails fluid levels to oil suppliers and oil recyclers.
Click here to learn more about Matrix Total Fluid Management.


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