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CAT, Bull Dog or Deere

It doesn’t matter the breed, everyone wants to save some money. In a highly competitive market and one that seems like a roller coaster ride, how do you convince customers to invest in an automatic lubrication system?

No business owner wants to think about the next broken dog bone, bucket or king pin. They know that the cost to replace damaged components can add up fast. Bucket pins and bushings can cost $2,000 to $5,000 to replace and can take equipment out of production for an extended period. It’s especially difficult to repair if there’s a failure in the field where locations are remote and working conditions are challenging. Plus, there’s a safety concern when vehicles are not serviced at proper intervals.

It may seem impossible to show the Principal or Fleet Manager that automatic lubrication equipment is worth the investment. They’re often strapped for cash and looking for ways to cut costs and the last thing they want is to spend more money on equipment. So how do you overcome objections and show the value of automatic lube systems?


Use a return on investment calculator to show hard dollar savings.

Graco has ROI calculators for many types of on-road and off-road equipment that estimate cost savings using automatic lube systems based on your customers maintenance and repair costs. Simply input local labor rates, repair parts and machine rate to give a surprisingly close estimate of savings for each vehicle type. The ROI tool will estimate investment, annual savings and the amount of time it takes to pay for their investment. Contact your Graco Sales Representative for information on the different calculators available. Click here to download Graco Industrial Lubrication ROI Calculators. □

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