Graco Inc.

In-Mine Production  Maximize machine availability and reduce maintenance costs on production activities

Lubrication, Structural reinforcement and waste transfer applications.

In a mine, you are constantly striving to maximize machine availability and drive down your production and maintenance costs in tough conditions and in remote areas. Mining tools have evolved into massive machines. Whether it is Open Cast or Underground, we have the solution for every situation.

In-Mine Production


Automatic Lubrication

Effective lubrication of the heavily loaded components is absolutely critical to the efficient, reliable, economical operations of a mine site. Choosing the right lubrication systems and services for your needs can make a real difference to your bottom line.

Structual Reinforcement

While working underground additional reinforcement is essential. Graco’s equipment is designed to spray such reinforcement cementation products with ease.

Crack Injection

Waste transfer

Graco’s fluid transfer solutions help you evacuate waste water safely and efficiently, and with minimum maintenance.

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