Graco RentalPro

Spray Equipment for the Rental Industry

With the Graco RentalPro line, you can offer your customers a solution for all of their painting, texturing and paint preparation needs. Graco is the preferred brand of contractors and offers the highest quality, longest lasting products—allowing you to maximize your profits!

Graco has the Right Solutions for All Your Rental Needs

Why Rent Graco Equipment

Competitive Advantage

  • Graco paint sprayers are in the top 5 requested rental items, Pros Prefer Graco!
  • All Graco equipment is backed by our commitment to quality, giving you confidence to rent and maximize your uptime
  • Made in the USA
  • 100% factory-tested to assure quality and performance
  • Graco equipment is easy to use, clean, maintain, and service

Maximum ROI

  • We design equipment with features to:
    • Maximize your rental days
    • Shorten your tool turn-around time
    • Reduce your maintenance cost
    • Achieve a full ROI within 20 days or less
  • Graco holds its retail value longer, giving you a better ROI when you sell it

Maximize Rental Revenue

with Graco's ProConnect Pump Replacement System

  • Quickly swap the pump for a spare in a matter of minutes
  • Maximize rental revenue while minimizing downtime
  • Reduces the cost of ownership and increases ROI, more rental days and less downtime

Fast Pump Removal

  • 1-minute replacement
  • Rent instead of waiting for service
  • No training necessary

1. Loosen the clamping nut


2. Open door and remove pump


3. Remove hose and suction tube

Airless Paint Sprayers


RentalPro 210 PC


RentalPro 230 PC


GMAX II 3900

Download the brochure for more product details

Texture Sprayers


RentalPro RTX 2000PI


RentalPro RTX 5000PI

Download the brochure for more product details

Pressure Washers


G-Force II 2532 DD


G-Force II 3027 DD


G-Force II 4040 BD

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