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A Journey to Find the Oldest Fire-Ball Pump

Air-powered oil and grease pumps lead the industry in engineering and design

Australia – Graco Inc. (NYSE: GGG), a world leader in the design and manufacture of lubrication equipment for machinery and vehicles, announces the launch of finding the oldest Fire-Ball Oil and Grease Pump program from May to November, 2017 in Australia. With an industry leading warranty and an established presence in the Australian market, the program aim is to find the oldest operating Fire-Ball product so as to reinforce the previous buying decisions made by the end users.

The Fire-Ball pump is an air-powered piston pump which is ideal for oil and grease dispensing and transfer in a range of applications, including mining, vehicle dealerships and quick lubes, trucking facilities, fleets, municipalities and manufacturing. The Fire-Ball pump was first introduced to the market in 1955 and remains the leading pump in its class.

Graco Fire-Ball pumps are built with fewer moving parts and a durable housing, leading to reduced downtime and maintenance. The pumps are recognized throughout the industry for their highly reliable design and construction.

With three different models to meet a range of pressure, volume, and dispense needs, the Fire-Ball pump family is suitable for nearly all oil and grease dispense and transfer applications. The pumps feature a corrosion-resistant design and cast aluminum motor housing for long service life, as well as a large air porting design for efficient compressed air use and continuous pump operation without icing.

“Fire-Ball is the leading pump technology for mining and heavy duty applications. We say this with confidence given the proven field performance since its first launch in 1955,” said Richard Foulis, Asia Pacific Sales & Marketing Director, for Graco Lubrication Equipment Division. “We are excited to find the oldest pump owners, and appreciate their trust on Fire-Ball product line. We want to reinforce the buying decisions made 10 or more years ago and encourage brand loyalty.”

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