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InPulse Ratio Control System  For Low-Pressure (LP) Spray Foam Applications

Better mix consistency for refillable low-pressure spray foam systems.

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InPulse Spray Foam Application

Self-Adjusting Ratio Control for Low-Pressure Spray Foam Systems

No matter what spray foam system you use, being on-ratio is key for the chemical to mix – like the way the material supplier intended. Graco In:Pulse will help provide better yield and on-ratio product and eliminate the need for calibration.

In:Pulse provides real-time volumetric ratio control. Throughout the day, as the ratio mix changes due to ambient conditions, tank pressures, nitrogen pressures, etc., In:Pulse will self-adjust to ensure you spray on-ratio – every time.

How it Works

  1. Display Module: Compares ratio of the “A” and “B” chemicals and makes adjustments on the fly to keep you in control
  2. Pressure Regulator: Adjusts "A" chemical pressure to keep you on ratio
  3. Flow Meter (A side): Measures the flow of "A" chemical
  4. Flow Meter (B side): Measures the flow of "B" chemical
InPulse Ratio Control for Low-Pressure Spray Foam Systems

Low pressure (LP) spray foam systems play an instrumental role to an insulation contractor. LP systems are typically portable, convenient, and at times a more cost effective solution than sending out a high pressure rig. LP systems are ideal for some small, touch-up and repair jobs, as well as some in-plant foam applications.

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InPulse Ratio Control System

Display Module

  • Easy to use
  • Real time ratio information
  • Tank level indicator
  • Historical spray volumes for lifetime and job
  • Error display and history

Flow Meters

  • Volumetric flow meters ensure optimum yield
  • Hands free ratio control
  • Maintains ratio accuracy within 5%

In:Pulse Heated Hoses

  • Automatic heat setting to 75°F
  • Plugs into a standard 110V/15A outlet
  • Hits temperature set point in five minutes*
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Comes in 50 foot sections
  • Unheated hose sets are available
  • * Assumes chemical is stored at 55°F

Remote Alarm

  • Alerts operator to any off-ratio or low tank level conditions
  • Alarm built into the hose bundle
  • Alarm placed near gun for operator convenience