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Integrated PowerStation  Advanced Power Solution for Reactor 2

A standalone GenSet for Reactor 2 E-30, E-XP2, H-30 and H-XP2 and can also be retrofit with existing Reactor 2 proportioners already in the field

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Plug-and-play Power for Reactor 2

Spray foam interior stud bay application

Change the way you configure your rig and prepare for the jobsite. The all new Integrated PowerStation, including a Tier 4 Final engine, features a compact design, smaller footprint, and is plug-and-play with standard Reactor 2 proportioners, making it easy to set up your rig and to start spraying quickly. A Graco engineered solution that gives you more of everything–air power, auxiliary power, layout flexibility, heat options and fuel savings.

Get More with the Integrated PowerStation

  • More auxiliary power for breakthrough power and performance
  • More layout flexibility by using an engineered modular system design
  • More jobsite portability for the ultimate portable spray foam operation
  • More fuel savings by re-purposing wasted heat

Although the Integrated PowerStation may be thought of as the next generation of our integrated E-30i and E-XP2i models, there are considerable differences that make it unique and breakthrough on its own. These new features have advantages over the current version that now make it a GenSet solution for most Reactor 2 customers.

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Key Upgrades:

  • The new design allows you to turn a standard Reactor 2 into an integrated version to save diesel fuel, space, and weight
  • All models now include a Tier 4 Final approved engine
  • Air Compressor (AC) models now utilize an engine power take-off to belt drive the AC
  • More compressed air is available.  Two AC sizes to choose from: 20 cfm or 35 cfm
  • AC models offer additional auxiliary electric power, 30+ Amps at 240V now available
  • Separating the proportioner from the GenSet, provides additional flexibility in designing the spray rig layout
  • Hydraulic integrated systems are now possible using Reactor 2 H-30 and H-XP2 models
  • Easy serviceability of all key components with new GenSet design
  • Using a Reactor 2 proportioner allows you to have primary heat available if shore power or a temporary generator is required

Models Available:

  • 979200: Integrated PowerStation , no AC
  • 979201: Integrated PowerStation , AC 20 cfm
  • 979202: Integrated PowerStation , AC 35 cfm

What's Included:

  • Tier 4 Final engine: Kohler 33.6 kW model, 45 HP
  • Mecc Alte 22 kVa alternator
  • Hydrovane air compressor (on applicable models)
  • Hankison air dryer (on applicable models)
  • Heat exchanger coolant loops
  • Air controls (on applicable models)
  • Electrical breaker panel
  • Radiator and Charge Air Cooler