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Alucrom goes for Xtreme™ Mix

800 towers have been completed

Alucrom AB is the largest protective coating contractor in Sweden with 11 stationary coating facilities in Sweden and one in Poland. They also provide contract coating all over the country. 

Alucrom AB does contract coating of the windmill towers for Enercon Windtower Production (EWP), in the old Kockum shipyard area in Malmoe. The pre-treatment of the steel towers consists of sandblasting in 2 separate depots before coating them in 4 separate designated depots. 

To date, 800 towers have been completed. The plural component coatings were mixed by hand, which is hard work, since there are 18 to 20 liters applied on a tower segment of 28 m. Alucrom decided to upgrade the coating application with automatic proportioning and mixing of the coatings. According to plant manager, Bengt Persson, this had to lead to efficient control of accuracy and consumption. 

The task to design, install and start up the installation was awarded to Graco distributor Smekano in Helsingborg. Smekano has many years of experience designing protective coating systems. The installation was built according to the flow of material. The base coat is stirred in 200 liter drums. Once mixed, the components are transferred from drums to holding tanks with diaphragm pumps. The holding tanks of 420 liters are located on a beam construction above the Xtreme™ Mix Proportioners. To provide the 4 coating halls with material, there was a need for 4 proportioners consisting of 2 Xtreme™ Mix packages for the base coat and 2 Xtreme™ Mix packages for the polyurethane top coat. 

Graco´s electronically controlled Xtreme™ Mix has 2 Xtreme™ King® pumps. These pumps enjoy a very good reputation in protective coating applications . Their flow is metered by linear sensors instead of gear meters, as the pigments and the binders in protective coatings are extremely abrasive and no in-line flow meters can stand the wear. The Xtreme™ Mix proportioners are so safe that they can be installed as close as possible to the holding tanks. The proportioner is simple to run thanks to its control panel and automatic stop in alarm situations. The waste is minimized by mixing the components close to the gun. 

”The decision to choose Graco´s Xtreme™ Mix was evident”, says Alucrom regional manager Alf Linné. ”Earlier experiences with Graco´s Xtreme™ King® pumps were the main reasons we choose the Xtreme™ Mix proportioners. The non-destructive flow metering assures accurate and safe operation.”