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Packaging industry uses Graco Reactor® H-VR to process foam packing material

An end user specializing in packaging valuables, such as antiques, art, as well as perishables like fruits and flowers uses a waterblown polyurethane foam with a specific mix ratio to cushion the items they ship.



Some equipment cannot achieve the specific ratio that is required. The end-user has space constraints and the size of the operation does not warrant a full-size in-plant polyurethane system. The system must be easy to operate and maintain. The foam formulations may change.



Graco recommended a variable ratio mechanical proportioner, the Reactor H-VR. This is a reliable solution for MMD applications, and is easy to operate and maintain. The variable ratio frame provides the required flexibility to change polyurethane foam formulations. Since the proportioning is still fully mechanical, it is easier to operate and maintain than an electronic proportioner, and requires less floor space and a smaller investment. The stainless steel construction can handle the waterblown polyurethane.
The Reactor H-VR uses electrical power to drive its on-board hydraulic power pack. Hydraulic pressure drives the two proportioning pumps, which are mounted onto a variable ratio (VR) frame. The VR frame is a proven and reliable cost-effective system to proportion materials within a ratio range from 1:1 up to 2.5:1 (sliding scale) and hence can be used to process material that comes in non-standard mix ratios. The flow of material and shot sizes are operator controlled, keeping the controls to a minimum. The entire installation was within budget and on time.



Because the system is electrical, the end-user saved air-compressor and energy costs. The variable ratio capability allowed the end-user to hit the specific mix ratio and will also allow him to change polyurethane formulation if required. The operators were immediately able to operate the system after a short training due to the simplicity of the design. The client has been able to improve quality of the production, increase output volume, and reduce operating costs. The system has now become a showpiece for visiting prospective clients who obviously are interested in the handling of their valuables with maximum care.



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