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Graco XM for heavy equipment Manufacturer

Volvo Korea, a manufacturer of excavators and dump trucks, is headquartered in Asia Pacific and supports regional factories in China and India.



Volvo Korea had used a one-component airless pump with AA gun to apply the primer and top coat to excavator frames. Six pumps were installed. Every day, operators had to flush all pumps after spraying, which wasted a lot of mixed material and solvent. Operators frequently mixed material manually during work as well – up to four or five times per day. The working environment needed to be improved. The challenge: how to increase working efficiency while saving solvent and material.


The Graco distributor suggested a Graco XM™ Plural-Component Sprayer. XM’s new dosing technology assures accurate, on-ratio mixing for better yield and less waste. Besides, each XM50 has a maximum flow rate at 3 gpm which can support multiple guns. Advanced, intuitive user controls provide real-time display of the spraying ratio, and the USB port lets users easily access and download historical spraying data. In general, the XM can ease operator’s work and increase working efficiency.

Graco held a field test at the end user’s job site which impressed the operators. The next presentation was given to the end-user’s management team. The assumed annual material and solvent savings impressed the customer. It means the payback period is less than eighteen months which convinced the management to make the purchase of a Graco XM.


With the Graco XM50, Volvo Korea not only improved its manufacturing process, but also increased productivity by eliminating material hand-mixing and daily equipment flushing. Moreover, the equipment provides precise ratio control which meets the end user’s requirement. Good results convinced the end user to invest in two more Graco XM50 sprayers after the first order.


The Distributor

  • DAEHO Industry Co.

The End-user

  • Volvo Korea


  • Graco XM50 Plural Component Sprayer (XM5D00)
    • Pump ration: 50:1
    • Remote manifold
    • IS alternator without fluid heaters


  • Low solid material by Samsung-Sigma