Graco Inc.

Effortlessly spraying steel structures and pipelines

Established in 1984 by Ali Gok in a 80 square meter warehouse in Mersin, Turkey, Gokmak has grown into a company employing 123 people working in a factory of size 6,600 square meters. The company specializes in spraying iron and steel structures, tanks and pipelines.

After a demonstration of the e-Xtreme airless sprayer by Graco distributor Fresko, the company acquired an Ex45 unit, which they found easy to install. The unit was configured in its standard package at 245 bar maximum working pressure, with no hoppers and no heater. The first material applied was the two-component surface-tolerant epoxy coating Interseal 670HS, which was applied to carbon steel structures and pipelines. Outside temperature was about 30°C. Spraying was conducted without problems or stoppages, leaving Gokmak extremely satisfied with the e-Xtreme Ex45.