QUANTM comes in many configurations offering solutions for nearly any fluid transfer application. It's smart, simple, cost-effective, clean and environmentally responsible. We designed it to be quieter, lighter, more reliable, and easier for anyone in your team to maintain. QUANTM isn't one small step toward a better facility - it's a leap into the future.

Sustainability meets profitability

QUANTM isn’t just another electric pump: it’s a game-changer. QUANTM features a revolutionary electric motor design that will reduce operational costs and keep your productions lines running while complying with evolving environmental regulations. It’s a perfect fit for most fluid applications and a drop-in replacement for existing pump technologies that can cut your energy consumption by up to 80%. QUANTM is quieter and more efficient.

Protect your bottom line by converting to a QUANTM electric pump.

A massive leap forward

Graco’s QUANTM electric pump meets the growing demand for clean energy and sustainable technologies – while delivering massive cost savings.



Mitigate the effects of climate change by using significantly less energy

operational resilience


Designed with the idea that operations can’t afford downtime – it’s built for reliability



Compatible with existing fluid transfer infrastructure

simplified maintenance


The quieter, lightweight pump is easier to install and service with smaller crews.

Cost savings


Reduce energy costs by up to 80%

Quantm features

Quantm features

Efficient electric drive
  • Up to 80% less energy consumption
  • NO air required
  • 40db sound level for operation flexibility
  • NO freezing

Proven AODD benefits
  • Stalls under pressure
  • Self-priming
  • Dry running
  • Handles solids and abrasive materials

Integrated controls
  • Control flow and pressure at the pump
  • I/O for remote operation

  • Factory wired for quick install
  • 120V and 240V options
  • Standard, C1D1 and ATEX models available

Automated priming

A solution for many industrial and hygienic applications

Quantm industrial

QUANTM industrial

The industry of tomorrow doesn’t have to be expensive, hard-to-learn or a burden on your team. It can be smart, simple, clean, cost-effective and environmentally responsible. We designed QUANTM to be quieter, lighter, more reliable and easier for anyone in your team to maintain. QUANTM comes in several configurations offering a solution for many fluid applications. QUANTM isn’t one small step towards a better facility – it’s a leap into the future.

Quantm hygienic

QUANTM hygienic

QUANTM comes in a range of standard sizes for hygienic applications and is easier to operate, maintain and clean, saving you thousands of hours in maintenance and downtime alone. But it’s also a revolution in fluid conveyance and the centrepiece of your cost-reduction strategy, and the benefits are immediate and obvious. With QUANTM, your costs shrink, your downtime plummets and your productivity rises.

Quantm ROI Calculator

Cost savings that matter most to modern operations

Use our ROI tool to calculate the energy savings you gain by converting to QUANTM

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