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Efficiently spraying steel with an electric airless sprayer

With more than half a century of experience, Yuzh Tekhmontage is one of the oldest companies specialised in construction in the south of Russia and has over 2.000 employees. Their major activities include capital construction, reconstruction and repair of oil refining facilities, and industrial production of construction materials. They mostly work on steel manufacturing projects.

Due to pressure limitations Yuzh Tekhmontage’s electric driven sprayers were not effective enough anymore. So they went looking for a new airless sprayer with an electric power source to spray high volume solids epoxy coatings.

Successful demonstration

As a solution, local Graco distributor Premium Class proposed to do a test with Graco’s e-Xtreme Ex45 to apply the two-component epoxy coating. It’s a portable unit (on cart) that sprays with a pressure of 310 bar, so has the performance capabilities to comply with all necessary requirements for this project. The Hempel Hempadur Multi-Strength 45751 material was applied on a steel construction without any issues. The operator specifically noted the convenience of spraying without pulsation.

Effective electric solution

After a successful demonstration, Yuzh Tekhmontage chose the e-Xtreme for their plant. One of the key reasons they bought the unit is the possibility to spray high volume solid materials. Its reduced pulsation and smooth effective spraying also played a big part in the final decision. Moreover, the simple maintenance of the unit and its 240V/16A electric power cord were important features to them.

The e-Xtreme unit handled the material easily without adding 10% of thinner. “We especially liked the higher pressure and easy maintenance, compared to the sprayer we had before,” says Evgeniy Kabalaliev, Chief of Production Areas at Yuzh Tekhmontage. “An extra benefit for the operator was the possibility to reach the desired wet film thickness with 1-2 pass instead of three what we had before. To choose the right tip size, we used the one suggested by the material manufacturer that’s also in the product’s technical data sheet. Also, we carefully checked the material pot life time after mixing the two components”.