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Xtreme NXT Saves Time & Paint

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Bhachu Industries is a tank manufacturer in Kenya that applies QD primers and enamel to tanks after blasting. When they were using gravity feed guns, it would take 3 employees 1 hour to apply one coat of QD enamel to the tanks. Sometimes, it would even take 5 hours to paint one tank.  This spray painting caused big delays and was a huge concern to the customer. Therefore the tank manufacturer was looking to invest in additional spray booths to increase production.


The local Graco distributor, Apex Steel, recommended Graco’s Xtreme Sprayer 70:1 as a solution to the problem. After purchasing and testing a Graco X70DH3 Xtreme Sprayer 70:1, Bhachu could only conclude outstanding results.


Apex Steel was able to achieve a 250mm spray pattern that improved the spray time from 1 hour per coat to 10 min per tank. This significant result has a direct impact on the improvement in productivity. The customer can now increase their manufacturing of tanks without a big capital investment. Another huge advantage is that the customer now uses 35% less paint to spray the same tank. This means that the Xtreme NXT will be paid off with these paint savings in just 4 months!



Bhachu Industries

Industry Market Sector

Truck tank manufacturers


Application of Dura Coat QD enamel according to TDS: Brush or spray

Material Specifications

Paint used: Dura Coat QD Enamel

Material manufacturer:  Busco Paints

Typical Properties

  • Paint: QD enamel
  • 30% dilution with thinners
  • Pot Life: single component thus no pot life

Graco Equipment

Graco Xtreme Sprayer 70:1 NXT


  • X70DH3 Xtreme Sprayer 70:1
  • NXT 70
  • No hoppers, no heat
  • Hose Specs and Sizes
  • XTR7 gun with 519 tip

Graco Distributor Details

Protective Coating Equipment distributor selling NXT and spares:

Apex Steel, Nairobi, Kenya, Tel: +25 558004