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1992年にGracoは初のゼネコン仕様ポータブルテクスチャースプレヤー装置を発売し、テクスチャ塗布業界に革命を引き起こしました。その後 長年にわたり テクスチャー製品ファミリーは拡張、改善されプロのテクスチャー業界の変化し続けるニーズに応え、プロのテクスチャー元請業者の皆様に実質的な便益を提供してまいりました。

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In 1992, Graco introduced its first contractor-grade, portable texture sprayer and revolutionized the texture application industry. Over the years, the TexSpray family of products has been expanded and improved to meet the ever-changing needs of the professional texturing industry.

Graco TexSpray brand sprayers are designed for small to large interior and exterior texture spraying applications. Whether you demand sprayers with uninterrupted performance, or are a small contractor who needs a self-contained texture sprayer that delivers high quality finishes, we have the perfect sprayer for you. If you are unsure which texture sprayer is right for your application, please refer to our Texture Sprayers Brochure & Application Guide to help you select the right equipment.