Graco Inc.

Learn About Graco

Graco is a global leader in fluid handling technology. Our products impact your life daily.

What does Graco do? Our products paint, finish, fill, glue, seal and coat things you use every day. We impact multiple industries with multiple product applications.

Graco Inc. is a $1.2 billion company and a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of highly-engineered systems for numerous industrial and commercial applications. The vast majority of our end product is made in America, providing employment opportunities in multiple manufacturing facilities around the United States.

Our history defines us, and sets us apart in the marketplace. Since 1926, we have brought innovation to the fluid handling market as a leading supplier of premium pumps and spray equipment. Graco Inc. continues to grow globally through organic product development and acquisitions. We make a difference in the following areas:

  • Industrial Products
    In IPD, our product line includes finishing products, such as paint spraying systems used in the aerospace and automotive industries, as well as on furniture, windows and doors.
  • Applied Fluid Technologies
    Products from AFTD are used to dispense high performance coatings and foams used in insulation and industrial coatings. This division also includess advanced fluid dispense systems used in alternative energy, automotive and packaging industries.
  • Lubrication Equipment
    Within LED, industrial lubrication products are used in wind energy, general manufacturing, steel and mining industries; and petroleum management products control fluids traditionally used for servicing vehicles. This includes pumps, tanks, hose reels, and meters. 
  • Contractor Equipment
    Our CED product line meets the needs of painting and general contractors, and includes airless, air and gas-powered sprayers, line stripers, pressure washers, and roofing equipment.
  • Process – Oil & Gas
    Processing and sanitary systems are used in food and beverage; pharmaceutical; cosmetics; and oil and gas industries.

Growth Strategies

Expanding geographically, making acquisitions and targeting new industries are Graco's key growth strategies. In addition, we continue to make significant investments in:

  • New product development – in 2014 we invested 4.4% of revenue into Research and Development.
  • Leading technology – implementing a global Oracle ERP system.
  • Human resources – in 2014 we invested in and implemented Workday, a cutting edge, cloud-based global HRIS solution. 

Graco Culture

Graco employees take pride in their contributions and share our vision and commitment to delivering the highest quality products and services in the industry. We strive for continuous improvement, creating new and exciting products as efficiently as possible – both for cost improvement and for the environment – and we expect nothing less from our employees. Many long-term employees find they benefit from a billion-dollar, global corporation with a small-company, collaborative culture. It's one of the main reasons we have won numerous awards, including being named a 2016 Great Place to Work in Manufacturing and Production by Fortune Magazine.

We want employees who want to win. We have a robust metric system in place to measure performance, encouraging our employees to be team players but also individually accountable – and individually recognized – for their results. We foster a culture of high standards and expectations, and our employees come to work every day absolutely committed to providing A+ service to every customer, every time. Our nimble divisional business structure allows us to make quick decisions to meet the changing needs of our diverse, global customers. At the same time, our business units share information, best practices and technology to benefit the greater good of the company. 

When our employees say they work at Graco, they say it with pride. We are proud of our people, products and services. We are proud of our growth and success. We expect our employees to work hard – and to play hard, too. Our employees give their all to the Graco mission, and when the day is done, they take time to do the same for themselves, their families and their communities.


Graco helps communities all around the world. Here are some examples of our global community outreach:

  • Graco Cares (US)
    Graco’s mission is to generate sustained profitable growth to benefit its customers, employees, shareholders and communities worldwide. We take benefiting communities seriously, and have established The Graco Foundation to improve the communities we live, work and conduct business. The Foundation’s goal is to help organizations grow their ability to serve community needs through grants specifically focused on capital projects and technology needs.  
  • Employee Giving Campaign (US)
    Through the Employee Giving Campaign, every contribution made by Graco employee to eligible nonprofit organizations is matched $1 for $1 by The Foundation.
  • Dollars for Doers Program (US)
    Through this program, the Foundation donates $1,000 to any eligible nonprofit organization where an employee has volunteered 50 hours or more.
  • Scholarship Program (US)
    The Foundation sponsors a scholarship program for college age children of Graco employees.
  • Graco Charity (China)
    Graco-built charity contribution in Shanghai from 2014, it provides employees an opportunity for charity contribution and to support non-profitable charity organizations with our Cooperate Social Responsibilities.