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Pro Xpc Software Upgrade Files

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To update software, refer to "Repair: Software Update" in the manual.



  • Release Date: June 28, 2018
  • System Software: 17B730 Series B, Revision G
  • Component Part Numbers and Versions:
    • Main Processor: Version 2.07.0
    • Gun Controller: Version 2.15.6
  • Change History
    • Main controller and Gun Controller updates:
      • Added H11 Reason Code 3 –Detect high power supply temperature. If temperature is ever measured above 105°C, power supply can no longer be used.
      • Added H11 Reason Code 4 –Detect high controller output voltage.
      • Update gun controller to record power supply temperature 1 second after turning off electrostatics (previously 30 seconds)
    • Same files as ProBell version 2.07.0