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ProMix 2KS by EMB GmbH

ProMix 2KS


EMB (formally Elektromotoren und Gerätebau Barleben GmbH) can look back on more than 45 years of experience in the production of Buchholz relays for transformers, monitoring relays for tap changers, and other protective devices for liquid-cooled and liquid-insulated equipment. During this time, EMB has developed into one of the most prominent manufacturers in its sector.

EMB specialises in the development, design, production and distribution of:

    - transformer protection equipment; 

    - electronic ballasts for rail vehicle manufacturing; 

and the production and distribution of special drives for use in the following areas: transport, energy technology, mechanical engineering, plant engineering and aerospace. 


Two ProMix 2KS units were installed: a 2KS for the EP primer and a 2KS for six paints, a hardener for the topcoat lacquers.

The paints are supplied by 1:1 Triton double diaphragm pumps, and compressed air tanks with dried air are used for the hardener supply.

Now quick colour changes are possible using the Graco 2KS proportioning and mixing units. Use of the 2KS units ensure precise mixing ratio compliance and very homogeneous mixing of the two components.

The new ProXp 60KV Airspray electrostatic spray guns are used for spraying.


In the past, the two-component coating materials were mixed by hand and applied using air-assisted spray guns.

Use of the Graco 2KS proportioning and mixing units and the new ProXp electrostatic spray guns yields an immediate reduction in paint and solvent consumption and naturally allows better quality to be achieved.

The quality improvements are achieved by:

  • reliable proportioning of the two components;
  • homogeneous mixing of the two components;
  • precise monitoring of the mixing ratio and pot life;
  • easy colour changes; 
  • fine atomisation of the coating material by the ProXp electrostatic guns;
  • reliable operation of the supply pumps.

Set-up times are eliminated by continual premixing of the components.

Intelligent rinsing programs reduce paint and solvent usage.

Electrostatic coating results in lower paint consumption, less booth overspray and better quality.

Technical Data

End User
Otto-von-Guericke-Allee 12
39179 Barleben, Germany

Mechanical engineering

ProXp 60KV Airspray

Material specifications
DuPont Percotop Primer EP
DuPont PercoTop 449

Typical properties
Primer EP = 5:1 by volume
Pot life at 20°C = 8 hrs
Viscosity = 50 DIN/4s
Urethane topcoat = 4:1 by volume
Pot life at 20°C = 2 hrs
Viscosity = 50 DIN/4s

For internal use only N (Y/N)
Approval for publication Y (Y/N) 

GRACO Equipment
Graco ProMix 2KS
Six top-coat lacquers, one hardener
One primer, one hardener
Paint supply: 1:1 Triton double diaphragm pumps
Pressure tank for hardener
ProXP60KV Airspray electrostatic spray guns

Graco 2KS with electrostatic ProXp spray guns

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