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Graco drives innovative dispensing solutions for the demanding and advanced applications of battery manufacturing. We understand the complexity of battery designs, and the impact fluid dynamics can have on the proper material application.

Through partnerships between material suppliers in our development labs, we can test designs and solve application challenges, using equipment that is quickly becoming the industry standard. From highly wear resistant pumps to custom meter, mix and dispense systems, Graco solutions consistently and accurately dispense sealants, adhesives, and thermal interface materials.

With customer and innovation centers worldwide, we can work quickly with you to test and support your local needs. Graco has provided best in class dispensing solutions to countless manufacturers. We look forward to collaborating with you to improve your battery manufacturing processes today.

Application Solutions

Whether you are looking to tackle application challenges or need help optimizing your battery assembly processes, our team of engineers and application specialists will work with you and your material suppliers to find the right solution.

Our expertise in core dispense technologies includes supply pumps, metering systems, and dispense valves. As we develop new and customized products, we pay close attention to quality and longevity, focusing on how material application and compatibility affect the product life cycle.

Our commitment is to meet today’s challenges and develop new solutions that will keep you at the forefront of e-Mobility.

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Customer & Innovation Centers for e-Mobility

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EV Battery Solutions

Expertise and Innovation

Our expertise includes dispense systems for bonding, sealing, gasketing, foam encapsulation, thermal management, coatings, and more. Discover how Graco is improving electric vehicle (EV) battery assembly processes.