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Explore sealing, bonding, and thermal management solutions for electric vehicle (EV) and hybrid vehicle (HV) manufacturing.

Applications for Battery Pack and Module Assembly

Whether you use prismatic, pouch, or cylindrical cell types in your module or pack assembly, Graco has one and two component dispensing equipment that is long-lasting, accurate, and can handle the toughest materials, even highly abrasive gap fillers like thermal interface material (TIM).

EV Battery Cutaway - EV battery manufacturing
Cell to Cell and Cell to Frame Bonding Cell to Cell and Cell to Frame Bonding Cell to Cell and Cell to Frame Bonding
Cell to cell and cell to frame bonding - EV battery manufacturing

Cell to Cell and Cell to Frame Bonding

Inside prismatic or pouch module designs, cells are firmly bonded to each other to create cell stacks and to provide insulation and protection against vibration or movement.

These stacked cells and other electronic devices are then bonded to a cooling plate to provide good thermal conductivity and dialectic strength. In many cases, the module is then sealed closed in lightweight polycarbonate or ABS enclosure to protect against outside contaminants.

Cell to Carrier Bonding and Module Encapsulation Cell to Carrier Bonding and Module Encapsulation Cell to Carrier Bonding and Module Encapsulation
Cell to carrier bonding and module encapsulation - EV battery manufacturing

Cell to Carrier Bonding and Module Encapsulation

Cylindrical cells are often bonded to a polycarbonate carrier during module assembly. This holds the cells stationary through the tab welding process and provides structural integrity to the module.

Most often with cylindrical cell modules, a foaming adhesive is applied between the cells to create a lightweight buffer between the cells to provide increased shock and vibration performance and helps to prevent thermal runaway/propagation events.

Gap Filling Gap Filling Gap Filling
Gap filling - EV battery manufacturing

Gap Filling

Thermal interface materials or gap fillers are dispensed between the modules and the cooling circuits on the battery pack. These viscous adhesives have highly abrasive fillers that are ideal to conduct heat away from the battery.

Pack Seal Pack Seal Pack Seal
Pack seal - EV battery manufacturing

Pack Seal

The battery pack is sealed with cure in place gaskets (CIPG) or form in place gaskets (FIPG). The seals are met to an IP68 standard to protect the battery against water intrusions and outside contaminants.

Fireproof Coating Fireproof Coating Fireproof Coating
Fireproof coating - EV battery manufacturing

Fireproof Coating

The cover of the battery pack can be sprayed with a fireproof coating that not only protects against fire but also protects against corrosion.

Structural Adhesive Structural Adhesive Structural Adhesive
Structural adhesive - EV battery manufacturing

Structural Adhesive

Bonding of dissimilar materials as aluminum or other materials is done in battery packs or modules with structural adhesives. This not only contributes to a lightweight design but also offers extra strength and rigidity to the battery.


Solutions for EV Battery Assembly

Learn more about bonding, sealing, coating and thermal management solutions for electric vehicle battery assembly.

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Related Materials

Parker LORD Sipiol UV

Sipiol UV was developed specifically for electric vehicle (EV) battery applications. It cures in seconds with UV light, and is electrically insulative.

PPG CoraChar SE 4000

PPG CoraChar SE 4000 intumescent fire protective coating shields electric vehicle (EV) battery packs and electrical energy components from external fires and internal thermal runaway events.

Sika Sikagard-834

Sikagard 834 epoxy-based intumescent fire protection coating protects electric vehicle (EV) batteries from thermal events.

Tflex CR607

At 6.4 W/m-K thermal conductivity, Tflex™ CR607 is at the forefront of thermal performance for a two-part, cure in place dispensable gap filler.

VM 1802

LG Chem VM 1802, a two-component thermal material for EV Battery and Electronics heat transfer applications.

Liqui-Form 3500 (LF3500)

Henkel - BERGQUIST® LIQUI-FORM 3500 is a high conductivity gel thermal interface material designed for demanding applications that require a balance between dispensability and low component stress during assembly.

HB Fuller EV Protect 4006

EV Protect 4006 is a two-component flame retardant, low-density polyurethane foam designed for potting and encapsulation of cylindrical cells in EV battery modules.

HB Fuller EV Seal 500

Learn more about EV SEAL 500, an easy to apply, fast setting, and resealable gasket material used in automotive and EV battery applications.

LORD CoolTherm SC-1200

LORD CoolTherm® SC-1200 thermally conductive silicone gap filler is a two-component material designed to provide excellent thermal conductivity for electronic and battery applications.

LORD CoolTherm TC-2002

CoolTherm® TC-2002 adhesive is a two-component adhesive system designed for use in structural bonding applications which require thermal conductivity with high bond strength.


SYLGARD™ 170 Fast Cure Silicone Elastomer is a two-part general purpose encapsulant with low viscosity, good flow ability, and flame resistance that cures fast at room temperature.

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Graco is a renowned name in sealants and adhesive equipment. With years of experience in the automotive and battery markets, we provide our customers with tailor-made solutions and support for sealing, bonding, and thermal management in cell, module, and pack assembly.

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To guarantee superior quality of equipment to a market that is constantly evolving, like the battery market, Graco prioritizes the investment of human and financial resources in research and development. Resulting in long-lasting solutions with unmatched results.

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With facilities worldwide and partners in over 100 countries, Graco provides global support and training for your company. Together, we help you select the solution that fits your unique requirements with local in-person support after installation.

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