Automatic Grease & Oil Pumps

Keep your production lines moving and lower your machine maintenance costs with Graco automatic oil and grease pumps. With a large family of machinery lubrication equipment, chances are we have several pumps that meet your needs. We design automatic pumps for food and beverage, processing and packaging, glass manufacturing, injection molding, paper production and other industrial applications.




Keep Your Production Lines Running

Ensure your production lines don’t grind to a halt because of bearing or component failures caused by improper lubrication techniques. Install Graco automatic lubrication pumps and keep your production lines running. When you manually lube bearings you run the risk of contaminating the component with dirt, dust or moisture—all of which could contribute to a system failure.

Cut Your Maintenance and Repair Costs

Significantly cut your maintenance and repair costs by automatically suppling oil or grease to critical components whenever it’s needed, not when a technician has the free time.

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Graco’s Dyna-Star® Series pumps provide reliable oil or grease bulk fluid transfer or automatic lubrication in a broad range of applications. This family of reliable and durable Graco pumps are available in pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric configurations.


Our E-Series™ automatic lubrication pumps are reliable entry-level solutions for many applications. The E-Series offers many reservoir options for either grease or oil. Great for any application where price is a concern and installation time is at a premium.


Make the most of your space, budget and machines. The full-featured G-Mini® offers reliable lubrication in a small footprint to fit more types of machines. Use it to simplify everyday maintenance, extend lifecycles and optimize uptime.


For demanding automatic lubrication applications, professionals turn to Graco’s durable and reliable G1 Series™ automatic lubrication pumps. These pumps handle changing temperatures and challenging grease types with ease.


For demanding lubrication applications, professionals turn to Graco’s durable and reliable G3™ automatic grease & oil pumps. These pumps handle changing temperatures and challenging grease types with ease.


Our family of Injecto-Flo® pumps provides you the option to service up to 50 lubrication points with a compact design. The Injecto-Flo line will provide you with years of trouble-free performance. Use with oil or fluid grease.


Graco’s LubeMaster automatic lubrication pumps are designed for demanding applications. These rugged and reliable pumps can be driven by an electric motor or a rotating or oscillating machine motion. The LubeMaster is designed to pump grease or oil efficiently at a wide range of pump cycle rates and...


Graco’s family of LubePro™ Series pumps for automatic lubrication keep your equipment operating smoothly at peak performance year after year. Minimize equipment downtime and reduce costs.


Graco’s easy to design, modify and adjust LubriSystem automatic lubrication pumps are ideal for both large and small applications. These pneumatic, high-performing pumps maximize your productivity. High reliability for less downtime.


Graco Manzel® automatic lubrication pumps are ruggedly constructed for high performance and durability. Available in a wide range of configurations to meet numerous applications.


Our Maxi-Flo™ family of automatic lubrication pumps are ideal for in-plant manufacturing equipment applications. The pumps include everything you need to get your single-line resistive oil lubrication system installed and running quickly.


Our Meter-Flo® oil pumps are ideal for applications requiring continuous oil delivery for up to 1,000 lubrication points. These rugged, direct-drive pumps feature a solid pump housing.


Graco’s family of miniature meter-flo electric pumps are designed for use with any type of series progressive or single-line resistive oil lubrication system. The Miniature Meter-Flo’s rugged steel reservoir and motor assembly withstands the toughest applications.


Graco’s MLS series of automatic lubrication pumps are designed to lubricate machinery by leveraging the machine’s motion as the pump’s power source. Depending on your needs, these reliable pumps are available in two configurations: cam roller drive and eccentric drive.


Graco’s Modu-Flo® automatic lubrication pumps are ideal for applications where minimizing downtime is critical. Reliable Modu-Flo pumps are available in electric, pneumatic or hydraulic configurations, each offering compelling features.

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