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Improved Sealing with Liquid Gaskets

Liquid gaskets offer superior sealing in a variety of applications

The Basics

Precision Dispense for Bonding and Sealing

Precision dispense and laying the perfect bead

Success Stories

Warm-Applied Solar Panel Edge Sealant

A solar panel manufacturer improves its bead profile and application speed while removing quality issues related to the dispensed edge seal adhesive.

Success Stories

Silicone Sealant for Solar Frame Attachment

Discover how a solar panel manufacturer improved bead profile consistency for solar frames using Graco automated silicone dispensing solutions.


Solar Panel Edge Seal: Liquid-Applied vs. Tape

Uncover the advantages of pumpable solar edge tape (PSET) over traditional tape application methods and how PSET improves your manufacturing efficiency and product quality.


Comparing 1k Metering & Dispensing Systems

Factors such as shot size, flow rate, material properties, and manufacturing style should be considered when to choosing a 1k dispensing solution.


Comparing 2k Meter Mix Dispense Systems

Comparison chart of Graco's advanced two-component meter mix dispense (MMD) systems including PR-X, PD44, PR70, EFR, and HFR.


One Component Metering Systems Performance Evaluation for Sealing Applications

Comparison of Graco's three primary solutions for continuous single component dispensing applications; Precision Gear Meter (PGM), Precision Continuous Flow (PCF) and E-Flo iQ.

Related Materials

Common electronic sealants include silicones, polyurethanes, physical foaming materials, and mixed foaming materials.

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