E-Flo iQ Metering & Dispensing Systems

The new E-Flo iQ system is a single-component metering and dispensing solution that greatly simplifies robotic application of sealants and adhesives.

A New Level of Intelligence, Control & Performance

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Low cost of ownership

Metering directly from the drum reduces the number of system components and eliminates the need for an external meter device altogether.

With fewer components, easier installation, lower robot payload and fewer delays, you’ll reduce maintenance and minimize the chances of costly downtime.

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Consistent control of flow rate

The electric servo-driven motor of the E-Flo iQ system is always aware of the position of the piston pump and its velocity, thus allowing the flow rate to be controlled and maintained from the pump to the point of dispense. 

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Accurate Dispensing Performance

E-Flo iQ can be configured to meet all your dispense requirements for both non-heated and heated applications up to 158°F (70°C), including filled materials.

By controlling the flow rate up to the point of dispense, you can get an accurate dispense from start to finish and during the complete length of the bead. 

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Easy to use and simple to integrate

Setting up and programming a metering system has never been easier than with the Advanced Display Module (ADM) on the E-Flo iQ. Its intuitive screens make setting up a bead profile quick and easy.

For complete integration with PLC simply connect the communication gateway module (CGM) to the PLC. Available protocols include EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, DeviceNet, or PROFIBUS. 

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