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How to Make Your Factory Paint Mix Room Industry 4.0 Ready

Advanced control and interconnectivity are key components to making factory paint mixing rooms Industry 4.0 ready.


3 Steps to Reduce VOCs in Paint Lines

To minimize VOCs, manufacturing companies are looking for ways to reduce paint and solvent waste with more efficient equipment and automated processes.


Electrostatic Spray Gun Basics

How do electrostatic paint spray guns work? It’s basic science.


Can I Use Paint Sprayers to Disinfect or Sanitize Surfaces?

Industrial finishing experts answer questions about using airless and/or electrostatic paint spray guns to disinfectant, sanitize or deodorize surfaces. (Short answer is "No.")

Success Stories

Manufacturer Overcomes Overspray

Less paint waste and downtime mean more savings and productivity with waterborne electrostatic system.

Success Stories

Guitar Maker Improves Pass Rate by 90 Percent

Proven presets put painting robots back in spray booth.


Finishing Solutions for Wood Products and Furniture

Easily manage frequent color changes, while reducing material waste.


Tips for Improving Transfer Efficiency

Transfer efficiency often depends on the spray applicator. Learn how to select the most efficient paint spray gun for your manufacturing application.


Applicator Technology

When choosing the right liquid spray technology, it helps to understand the differences between air spray, air assist, electrostatic and rotary bell applicators.