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How to Calculate Total Cost of Ownership

When looking at the total cost of ownership, be sure to calculate energy costs, maintenance, and repair fees

Success Stories

Transfer Efficiency Increases 30%

Paint line improves aluminum extrusion finishing, sending a lot less back to touch-up booth.

Reduce Costs

Architectural Profiles Maker Reduces Costs and Increases Quality

To deliver more paint on aluminum extrusions and less in booth filters, manufacturer uses ProBell Rotary Applicators with electrostatics.


Why Product Demos are Important

Finishing demonstrations are a great way to help you feel confident in your next purchase.

Success Stories

Cabinetmaker Decreases Compressed Air Use and Cuts Costs

Radial piston agitator motor uses less air, makes less noise and requires no maintenance.

Success Stories

Agitator Motor Supported Locally – Without Hidden Costs

Graco radial piston agitators backed by quality guarantee and A+ Service.


Why Automation or Painting Robots for Liquid Finishing?

Asking the right questions sets the stage for a successful move from manual to automated processes. Graco’s senior product manager for automation answers common questions about automating liquid finishing operations.


Why You Should Automate Your Paint Booth

Easy-to-integrate automation technology can significantly improve manufacturing profitability. It’s no wonder smart manufacturers are making the switch to automated paint booths.

Success Stories

Closed Loop Flow Control Adds Quality Assurance

Aluminum extruder expects ProControl 1KE Plus to pay for itself within a year.