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Machine Shop Learns Not All Electrostatic Gun Brands are Equal

Graco paint spray gun provides provides the durability, quality and service needed after frustration with cheaper brand.


How Electrostatic Guns can Benefit your Facility

Get the full benefit of electrostatic guns by following these simple tips


Advantages of Spraying with Electrostatic Guns

Consider the benefits of switching to electrostatic technology before purchasing another gun


Conventional vs Electrostatic Spray Guns

Which is best for your finishing operation and budget? Seven factors can help you choose the right applicator to maximize spray performance.


Tips for Improving Transfer Efficiency

Transfer efficiency often depends on the spray applicator. Learn how to select the most efficient paint spray gun for your manufacturing application.

Success Stories

Robotic Paint Line Improves Reliability with New Electrostatic Gun Standard

Graco automatic air spray gun extinguishes issues with Ransburg models.


3 Steps to Reduce VOCs in Paint Lines

To minimize VOCs, manufacturing companies are looking for ways to reduce paint and solvent waste with more efficient equipment and automated processes.

Success Stories

Equipment Upgrade Eliminates Downtime and Waste

Electric supply pump adds 90 minutes to production. Electrostatic paint sprayer saves 200 gallons.

Success Stories

Aircraft Painters Perfect Finish

Aerospace air cap minimizes solvent pop and improves finish quality.