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Making Footwear: Mold Release & Finishing Applications

Explore how to make sure shoes look good and last. Foam soles are molded without defects, and shoe uppers last.

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Automotive Finisher Finds Right Pump for the Job

Faster flushing and color changes achieved with high pressure diaphragm pump.


Extreme Material Abrasiveness? Problem Solved with Elite

Some thermal interface materials (TIMs) are so abrasive, it’s like pumping diamond dust or liquid sandpaper. Explore why and how we developed Elite, the longest-lasting pump construction for abrasive material dispense.


3 Steps to Reduce VOCs in Paint Lines

To minimize VOCs, manufacturing companies are looking for ways to reduce paint and solvent waste with more efficient equipment and automated processes.


Finishing Solutions for Automotive Components

Get the flexibility to apply primers, base coats, and top coats with a single system.


Mold Release Agent Application

Make sure your mold release agent evenly coats the injection mold, so that parts do not stick.

Success Stories

Transfer Efficiency Increases 30%

Paint line improves aluminum extrusion finishing, sending a lot less back to touch-up booth.


How Electrostatic Guns can Benefit your Facility

Get the full benefit of electrostatic guns by following these simple tips

Success Stories

Air Base Increases Employee Safety and Productivity

Cart-mounted spray package decreases injuries. Personnel remain impressed with the ease of use for airplane paint removal.