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Robotic Paint Line Improves Reliability with New Electrostatic Gun Standard

Graco automatic air spray gun extinguishes issues with Ransburg models.

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Furniture Company Better Manages Tough Acid Catalyst Application

Mix-on-demand wood finishing system handles harsh varnish with zero off-ratio rejects.

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Ratio Assurance Leads to Less Rework for Woodshop

Hand mixing conversion varnish led to off-ratio material and rework problems for an Amish cabinet and furniture maker.

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Automotive Plant ‘Sets and Forgets’ Surge Suppressors

Maintenance-free pump accessory dampens paint circulation line pulsation.


Can I Use Paint Sprayers to Disinfect or Sanitize Surfaces?

Industrial finishing experts answer questions about using airless and/or electrostatic paint spray guns to disinfectant, sanitize or deodorize surfaces.

Success Stories

Paint Efficiency Audit Shows Huge Savings

Cabinet manufacturer meets production goals with ProMix PD2K Dual Panel Acid Catalyst.

Electrostatic Gun Basics - Thumbnail

Electrostatic Spray Gun Basics

How do electrostatic paint spray guns work? It’s basic science.

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No PLC Programming Required for Electrostatic Rotary Bell Atomization

Chemists easily adjust paint spray patterns and run waterborne electrostatics with ProBell.


What is Paint Degradation?

Paint degradation affects manufacturers who use metallics for high quality surface finishes. As metallic paint circulates, it can get so damaged that it must be discarded.