Advanced Automotive and e-Mobility


As we race into an electrified future, Graco rises to the forefront as your trusted industry ally, ensuring that your automotive manufacturing can evolve and expand seamlessly and securely – now and in the future. Whether you’re gearing up to roll EVs off the assembly line, streamlining your automotive production or electrifying your factory floor, Graco is here to supply advanced, customized products and solutions that give you the confidence to spray, move, and apply your most demanding materials.

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Partner for the Win

From design inception to post-sale support, Graco’s dedicated account managers backed by a robust partner ecosystem are with you every step of the way.


Minimize Risk, Maximize Gain

Prototyping, testing, and optimizing production-ready solutions in our innovative application labs lets you push boundaries confidently and safely.


Outpace the Competition

Graco’s agile, responsive experts blend experience with speed to rapidly scale your production lines and propel you to the forefront in automotive and e-mobility.


Trusted Performance

Graco’s state-of-the-art solutions maintain the highest standards of safety, quality, precision, reliability, and efficiency to minimize downtime and deliver results.

Graco Partner events celebrate community and continued learning opportunities

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Power in partnerships. Building trust and unleashing agility.

Graco thrives within a robust and dynamic partner ecosystem, collaborating closely with material suppliers, integrators, and service providers to deliver solutions that address your specific engineering challenges in the evolving automotive industry.

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Material Suppliers

We partner with suppliers to test their latest materials and ensure you have solutions that can effectively handle them.


System Integrators

Our experts work closely with system integrators to ensure seamless equipment connections in harmony with existing plant systems.


Robotics Integrators

We collaborate with automation and robotics integrators to ensure solutions that integrate with the latest assembly lines.


Service Network

Our global distributor and service provider network has your back with hands-on training and post-sale support worldwide.

Your Guide to Electrification

Unlock the secrets to accelerating EV production and embracing the electrification revolution for a more sustainable and competitive future. Download our Electrification ebook to discover how the right meter, mix, and dispense solutions empower you to conquer the latest EV battery materials and unveil the cost and efficiency benefits of electrification within established and burgeoning EV production lines.

Graco's electrification e-book download

Upcoming Automotive & E-Mobility Events and Webinars

We look forward to meeting you at one of our upcoming automotive and e-mobility events. Come experience dynamic discussions, insightful presentations, and collaborative networking opportunities.

EV Battery Design for Manufacturability Webinar

Expert insight on automotive and e-mobility




Automotive Advanced Manufacturers Conference

April 10 - 12

Chongqing, China

China's largest automobile manufacturing summit with the highest technical level

Thermal Mgmt Expo

April 30 – May 1

Novi, Michigan

The place for North America’s thermal engineering


Adhesives & Bonding Expo

June 25 – 27

Novi, Michigan

Dive into the world of adhesive & bonding


Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technology & Material Show - Car Body Conference

July 2024

Shanghai, China

The 19th Shanghai International Automobile Manufacturing Conference

Battery Technology Innovation Webinar

July 16

Next-Generation Battery Technology Innovation & Systems


Battery Show North America

October 7 – 10

Detroit, Michigan

Explore the latest in battery and EV technology.


CARES North America

October 23 – 24

Detroit, Michigan

Forum for sustainable automotive manufacturing.

Future Battery Forum

November 5 – 6

Berlin, Germany

Europe’s leading management battery conference.


Surcar Connect

November 12

Paris, France

International conference on automotive body


CARES Europe

November 13 – 14

Paris, France

Forum for sustainable automotive manufacturing.