Intelligent Paint Kitchen System

Increase efficiency with remote monitoring and control. The Intelligent Paint Kitchen is a complete, cost effective solution for the entire paint room.


Intelligent Paint Kitchen Resources

Paint Kitchen Builder

Paint Kitchen Builder

Start with an electric pump and control module. Add components, as needed.

Intelligence is Powerful

Intelligence is Powerful

Intelligent, easy-to-use products make more intelligent paint room operations.

Explore intelligent paint kitchen system components

Paint agitators


Properly mixing material is the first step in industrial finishing success. Graco offers industrial agitators and agitator motors that fit all kinds of containers and applications.


E-Flo DC 2-Ball Pumps

Graco’s E-Flo 2-Ball electric supply pump is for applications requiring high pressure, up to 3000 psi (206 bar). Plus the minimal pulsation at changeover provides a more consistent finish.


E-Flo DC 4-Ball Pumps

E-Flo DC 4-Ball electric pumps are ideal for small to medium circulation systems with outputs up to 2000 cc per cycle.


Endura-Flo Pumps

Choose between Graco’s Endura-Flo Extended Pressure 4:1 models or Extended Durability 3:1.

Husky double diaphragm pump

Husky Pumps

Graco’s line of Husky double diaphragm pumps are manufactured with your productivity in mind – providing you with one of the most reliable and efficient pumps in the market. Available in pneumatic and electric options, each diaphragm pump is tested before leaving our factories.



Precise fluid control is crucial to any finishing process. Graco has a proven line of fluid and back pressure regulators to meet all of your finishing needs.


Triton 1:1 Pumps

Graco’s Triton 1:1 Pumps offer a more effective alternative to traditional pressure pots and standard diaphragm pumps. By utilizing air-operated diaphragm technology, this spray package applies a high quality, decorative finish to wood and metal.

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