Compressor Equipment Automatic Lubrication

Use Graco Auto Lubrication Systems to increase longevity and reliability of compressor cylinders, rings, rods and packing material in any environment.



Graco products are built to exacting standards allowing them to operate reliably in harsh natural gas environments. We’ll help keep your equipment running smoothly day after day, year after year.


Manzel lubrication systems have been used on compressors, gas and steam engines for over 100 years.

Higher Uptime

Delays lasting only a few minutes can cause gas companies hundreds of thousands of dollars. Graco Auto Lubrication ensures significantly higher uptime levels for compressors to maintain optimal productivity and profitability.


Graco manufactures compressor lubrication equipment for markets such as gas pipeline booster stations, refineries, CNG stations and more.

Auto Lube Accessories

Graco offers extensive automatic lubrication accessories designed to complement automatic lubricant systems installed on natural gas compression equipment. Accessories include a broad range of components including filters, switches, valves, indicators, brushes, hoses and fittings.

Automatic Compressor Lubricant Pumps

Graco manufactures a broad family of automatic oil and grease pumps designed for complex equipment used in the natural gas compression industries.

Flow Divider Valves

Graco’s flow divider valves are designed for our family of automatic lubrication systems installed on natural gas compression equipment. Use these systems to lubricate natural gas compressors. Our divider valves accurately dispense lubricant to each lube point.

Control Switches and Accessories

Graco's control switches and accessories keep your divider valve automatic lubrication systems in check.

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