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Success Stories

InvisiPac Optimizes QED Environmental System’s Packaging Process

Learn how QED worked with a packaging consultant to identify areas of improvement and optimize their packaging process.

Summit Beer production line
Success Stories

Beer Packaging Line Ends Backups and Downtime

Summit Brewing Company's packaging manager shares how “we have almost no downtime” with a new tank-free system.

Success Story: Mondelez hot melt packaging improvements
Success Stories

Global Food Company Improves Safety and Sustainability

The correct amount of adhesive at the right time and temperature is key to productivity and safety on automated packaging lines.


Improve Hot Melt System Performance

Explore how to increase the working uptime of your packaging line by improving the efficiency of hot melt adhesive application.


Create a Safer Hot Melt Environment

Traditional hot melt systems use a tank to melt and keep the adhesive at operating temperature. This can make adhesive application the most dangerous part of your packaging line.


Reduce Downtime Caused by Adhesive Charring

Adhesive char is the single major cause of hot melt equipment failure and downtime for end-of-line packaging, and case and carton sealing applications.


Comparing the Operation of Hot Melt Systems

Comparing how tank-based, tank-less, and Tank-Free systems work at each step of the hot melt process can help you determine which technology best suits your packaging operation.

Equipment Selection

6 Reasons to Choose InvisiPac

Graco’s InvisiPac® Tank-Free™ Hot Melt System utilizes disruptive technology to optimize the case and carton sealing process for manufacturers. Here’s why packaging lines use InvisiPac.


Hot Melt Adhesive Manufacturers

List of manufacturers of hot melt adhesive for packaging applications - specifically, case and carton sealing.


The Cost of Hot Melt System Cleaning & Maintenance

Maintenance costs can quickly add up. Avoid unplanned downtime and replacement parts costs.

Equipment Selection

What to Consider When Selecting a Hot Melt System

5 things to consider when selecting the hot melt system for your packaging operation.


Safety in the packaging industry: equipment that reduces risks & improves profitability

How to evaluate hot melt equipment to reduce unnecessary and costly on-the-job injuries.


Monitoring Hot Melt Adhesive Dispense

Track adhesive usage and improve efficiencies with remote monitoring in your hot melt adhesive application


Packaging tape or hot melt adhesive for carton sealing?

Tape vs. Adhesive: Which is better for case and carton sealing?

Success Stories

East Coast brewery improves beer packaging process

Two Roads Brewery was seeking a new hot melt system to improve efficiency and ensure carton quality.


What Causes Hot Melt Adhesive Char

Overheating, contamination and oxidation. Learn about the three causes of adhesive char and how to avoid them.


Solving Frozen Food Packaging Challenges

How to avoid unreliable seals, pop-opens and other challenges in frozen food packaging.


Packaging quality control to increase reliability & profitability

Lean manufacturing, quality control, and the profitability of your packaging line.

Equipment Selection

Choosing a Hot Melt Nozzle

Tips for selecting the right hot melt adhesive nozzle based on your specific application.

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