Extend Machine Life

In-Plant Automatic Lubrication

Graco automatic lubrication systems extend equipment lifecycles and improve productivity for a wide range of in-plant applications, including food production, plastics, electronics, automotive, paper, metal and more.

Machines Depend on Graco

Ease of Use

With a Graco automatic lube system, maintenance is easy. A central pump is located at a convenient, accessible location and replenishes lubricants in small metered amounts to ensure equipment is lubricated when it’s needed most – while it’s working.


You can be sure your equipment is running at peak performance with top quality lubrication equipment from Graco. Save your expensive technicians hours for scheduled facility maintenance.


Graco Auto Lubrication solutions provide certainty for today’s modern equipment manufacturers, managers and operators seeking continuous uptime and optimal productivity from the machines they rely on daily.


Designed for virtually any type of industrial environment — Graco auto-lubrication is a significant upgrade to manual lubrication and offers more information, faster delivery and better service compared to other leading automatic lubrication systems. System parts include controllers for monitoring feedback, grease and oil pumps, divider valves to control flow, supply pumps, injectors, accessories and more.

Auto Lube Accessories

Graco offers extensive auto lube accessories designed to complement the capabilities of our industrial automatic lubrication systems. Accessories include a broad range of components including lubrication switches, filters, brushes, valves, gauges and hose & fittings. All designed to complete a comprehensive system for machinery in areas of machine tooling, bottling lines, machining, form pressing or general industry needs.

Auto Lube Controllers

Graco auto lube controllers allow you to set up, monitor performance and gain critical feedback on your automatic lubrication system. Graco manufactures a broad range of these versatile devices with flexible installation configurations, which are ideal for manufacturing and industrial machinery.

Automatic Grease & Oil Pumps

Keep your production lines moving and lower your machine maintenance costs with Graco automatic oil and grease pumps. With a large family of machinery lubrication equipment, chances are we have several pumps that meet your needs. We design automatic pumps for food and beverage, processing and packaging, glass manufacturing, injection molding, paper production and other industrial applications.

Flow Divider Valves

Flow divider valves accurately dispense lubricant from each block outlet to bearings throughout your machinery. The flow divider valve is part of a larger system consisting of a grease and oil pump and controller. The flow divider valves distribute lubricant throughout the machine from the pump. Graco flow divider valves are ideal for all types of industrial machinery and equipment.

Hydraulic Accumulator Supply Pumps

Graco’s hydraulic accumulator supply pumps are used to supply hydraulic oil to accumulators in oil rig blowout prevention systems. These rugged, air-powered pumps are designed with efficient, large-ported air valves. Manufactured from light-weight, corrosion-resistant aluminum, Graco’s accumulator pumps have become a mainstay in oil fields around the world.

Oil & Grease Injectors

Graco designs and builds our oil and grease injectors with different sizes to give you a wide output range that easily lubricates any size bearings on your machine tool, production or packaging equipment. Our injectors are optimized to enhance the performance of our automatic lubrication systems. These oil and grease injectors keep your production equipment running smoothly with minimal oversight by your manufacturing team.

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