Automated Paint Systems

Manufacturers of all sizes are benefiting from automation. Complete your automated paint line with spray guns and mixing systems that easily integrate with robots and reciprocators.

Easy integration with robots and reciprocators

Graco proportioners and automatic spray guns easily integrate with robots and reciprocators.

Proportioner options

ProMix PD Positive Displacement System mixes material closer to the gun. This not only makes color changes faster, it also reduces flushing waste by up to 80 percent.

ProMix 2KS and 3KS Meter-Based Systems increase efficiency for mixing two- and three-component materials. Optimize for up to 30 colors and four catalysts.

Compatible robots

Painting robots compatible with Graco finishing solutions include:


Yaskawa Motoman     









Paint Mate 200iA

Paint Mate 200iA/5L








IRB 5400

IRB 5500

IRB 580

IRB 52




Applicator options

ProBell Rotary Bell Applicators have the most advanced atomization technology, resulting in the best finish quality and transfer efficiency.

Pro Xpc Auto Electrostatic Spray Guns are lightweight and ideal for robots and fixtures with lower payloads with low voltage cable.

Pro Xp Auto Electrostatic Spray Guns are turbine-powered and ideal for low pressure, high quality spraying.

AirPro EFX Air Spray Guns are compact, lightweight and designed for small component, precision finishing.

AirPro Auto Air Spray Guns work well for the largest number of applications. The versatile applicators are ideal for low pressure spraying.

G40 Auto Air-Assist Spray Guns produce tight pattern widths and good transfer efficiency with high-pressure spraying.

AL Auto Airless Spray Guns are designed for high pressure spraying of high viscosity materials. They work well at high production speeds for general metal finishing applications.

Automated Paint System Components


AirPro Automatic Spray Guns

AirPro Automatic guns have a wide standard product offering with compliant gun models, in addition to HVLP and conventional. Ideal for metal, wood and high wear applications.


AirPro EFX Automatic Spray Guns

AirPro EFX air spray automatic guns are among the lightest and most compact guns in their class. With no internal air shutoff mechanism, the AirPro EFX delivers increased reliability and precision fluid flow.


AL Series Automatic Spray Guns

Graco’s AL Series Automatic spray guns for airless spraying of paints and coatings. Ideal for general metal applications.


G40 Auto Air-Assisted Spray Guns

Graco’s G40 Automatic Air-Assisted spray guns for liquid coatings are recommended for high finish quality applications at low and medium pressure.


Intelligent Paint Kitchen System

Increase efficiency with remote monitoring and control. The Intelligent Paint Kitchen is a complete, cost effective solution for the entire paint room.


Pro Xp Auto Electrostatic Spray Guns

Pro Xp automatic electrostatic spray guns deliver expert performance to automated paint lines. Achieve high transfer efficiency when spraying high conductivity, standard or waterborne coating.


Pro Xpc Auto Electrostatic Spray Guns

The Pro Xpc Auto electrostatic spray gun offers excellent finish quality, leading class transfer efficiency and is just the right size for robots and fixtures with payload limits.


ProBell Rotary Applicators

Graco’s ProBell Rotary Applicators not only deliver a superior quality, high transfer efficiency and precision spraying, it’s also lightweight and compact for lower payload robots or reciprocators.


ProMix 2KS

Graco’s ProMix 2KS Plural Component Mixing System offers precise and reliable electronic proportioning for entry level to upgraded applications. Compatible with a broad range of materials, it provides the flexibility and efficiency you need on your production line.


ProMix 3KS

Graco’s ProMix 3KS Plural Component Mixing System offers the same precision of the 2KS for three component materials. Purchase with a ProMix 2KS system or upgrade an existing 2KS.


ProMix PD

The ProMix Positive Displacement (PD) Proportioner Platform is redefining fluid control, plural component mixing and manufacturing processes. Stay on ratio within 1 percent mixing accuracy. Stay on budget with less rework and simple maintenance.

Paint System Tools


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Finishing Automation

Automated paint systems improve performance and quality. See applicator ratings and fluid control options.


Finishing Solution Guides

Industrial finishers use robotics for auto parts, cookware, electronics, wood products, and many more applications.

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