Finishing Solutions for Wood Products and Furniture Manufacturing

Easily manage frequent color changes, while reducing material waste.


Industrial finishing is an important part of the wood products and furniture industry. Appearance and protection of the wood surfaces is an important feature of the product. 



Manufacturers in the wood market face many different challenges. High volume production with a variety of products and different types of colors, shades, or finishes can be complicated to manage. Frequent color changes with different materials can often times be wasteful or lead to confusion in the manufacturing process. 

In addition, quality is extremely important when managing a complicated production line. Having the correct ratio, flow rate, and surface finish greatly affects the appearance and gloss of the product, and any fluctuation can cause defects resulting in scrapped parts.



Automation is key for the wood industry for many reasons. The high volume production rates provide for a large labor saving return on investment and it also helps manage production. 

With the frequent color changes, Graco’s ProMix PD2K Auto is a great solution for reducing waste by placing the color change valves close to the applicator and mix point. The ProMix PD2K Auto also has precision flow control and ratio assurance to ensure a quality product even in  complicated production settings. 

Graco's high quality applicators provide excellent atomization, resulting in high transfer efficiency to reduce waste and fine particles for a mirror finish. This total package provides the right solution to solve the challenges of the wood industry.

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