Finishing Solutions for Automotive Components

Get the flexibility to apply primers, base coats, and top coats with a single system.


Every car has hundreds of painted components that add functionality and aesthetic appearance. Dashboards, instrument panels, headlights, handles, bumpers, and leather are all coated or painted. 



All of these items have their own unique and demanding challenge. Not only must the component have the coating strength to stand up to the weather elements, and user wear and tear, but it must also maintain its quality appearance. This often requires advanced paint chemistry including adhesion promoters, primers, base coats, clear coats, and even one or two component materials. 

Handling these different types of materials, ensuring the accurate ratios for material performance and delivering precision flow rates for uniform finishes is a challenge for most equipment. Even if the flow rates are controlled, fine and consistent atomization also are needed to ensure the surface finish is acceptable to demanding customers.



Graco’s automation solutions are up to the challenge. The ProMix PD2K Automatic proportioner can handle a wide range of mixing ratios and flow rates, and even handle multiple chemistries on the same system. This allows the customers the flexibility to apply primers, base coats, and top coats with a single machine. 

The consistent feed system when paired with our atomization technology is the perfect solution. Whether it is AirPro EFX for air spray, Pro Xpc Auto for electrostatics, or even our ProBell rotary atomizer, Graco has the atomization technology needed to meet your finish quality needs. 

These products integrate seamlessly with automation for a high production solution. In addition, Graco has decades of experience that are needed to serve the customer with the right solution.

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