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With today’s advanced vehicle designs, where durability, performance, and safety are vital, OEMs and tiered suppliers are relying on Graco dispensing solutions for Body-in-White (BIW) applications.

Meter From Drum Technology

E-Flo iQ Metering & Dispense System

For Body-In-White adhesive dispensing applications, the new E-Flo iQ Metering & Dispensing System delivers sustained in-plant performance, lowers maintenance costs, and drastically reduces system complexity, all without the need of an external metering device. 

Body Shop Dispense Equipment

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Compare three primary solutions for continuous single component dispensing applications: precision gear meter (PGM), precision continuous flow (PCF), E-Flo iQ.

Equipment Selection

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Industrial manufacturing companies are moving from air to electric to reduce their costs and environmental footprint.


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Shot size, flow rate, material properties, and manufacturing style should be considered when to choosing a one component (1K) dispensing solution.


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Automotive Structural Adhesives Application

Accurate bead placement is critical for a properly bonded system. Learn more about how E-Flo iQ delivers sustained in-plant performance, lowers maintenance costs, and drastically reduces system complexity for structural adhesive application.

The Basics

Lightweighting in Manufacturing Processes

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Equipment Selection

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To power a pump, do you choose an electric or pneumatic motor? Here are the key maintenance considerations to choose electric.

Equipment Selection

Why Electric Motors Improve Quality and Precision of Dispense for 1k Metering

Electric motors have the capability to drive the pump lower more intelligently and therefore dispense an accurate bead without the need for an intermediate metering device.

Equipment Selection

Electric Motors Reduce Noise Pollution in Assembly Applications

Electric motors can reduce noise levels in your industrial facility to create a healthier working environment.

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