Finishing Solutions for Mold Release

Make sure your mold release agent is applied evenly so the foam part can be easily removed from the mold.


Manufacturers in the foam molding industry make everything from shoe soles, office furniture, automotive interiors, sound insulation, seat cushions, mattresses, and sporting goods. These products are produced by the RIM (Reaction Injection Molding Process) in which reactive chemicals are injected into mold cavities to make the foam cushion. Once the foam has solidified, the mold is opened and the foam cushion is removed. 



One of the key steps in this process is the application of a mold release agent. The mold release agent is a liquid material that must be applied evenly to the inside of the mold to ensure the foam part will be easily removed from the mold. It is crucial that the surface finish of the release agent is smooth, as it will impact the smoothness of the foam part. It is also crucial that every surface of the mold is covered or the foam will adhere to the mold and result in tearing of the foam when it is removed. Any overspray that doesn’t coat the inside of the mold is consider expensive waste.



The automatic nature of the mold release application and the requirement the material is applied evenly within the metal mold, makes Graco’s Pro Xpc Auto the ideal solution. Not only does the product provide a uniform and consistent spray atomization for even coating, but the electrostatic charge ensure the particles are uniformly dispersed and that the metal mold is completely covered, even in the tough to reach spots. This eliminates scrap due to part tearing. 

The electrostatic spray pattern also ensures overspray is reduced, and waste is eliminated. By increasing transfer efficiency the customer spends less on material, waste disposal, VOC permitting, booth filters, and any parts and labor associated with maintenance resulting in amazing savings.


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