Finishing Solutions for Non-Destructive Testing

Use the right equipment for even and complete coverage for non-destructive testing applications.


Non-destructive testing is a process used to perform quality control tests without impacting the integrity of the product being tested. This process is very common in the aerospace industry where quality control is crucial in keeping people safe. The process involves applying a dye penetrant material on to
products like turbine blades to identify defects like porosity, cracks, fractures, laps, seams, or other flaws.



Dye penetrant must be applied evenly to every surface. Any areas that are not covered can lead to missing quality defects and catastrophic failure. Manually applying this material can lead to inconsistencies from part to part, and the possibility of missing defects or wasted material.



To overcome this challenge, automation not only ensures consistency, but also makes certain that no areas are missed. The right fluid control and atomization are crucial in providing even and complete coverage for 100% testing compliance. 

Graco’s Pro Xpc Auto and ProMix PD2K are the ideal solutions for many reasons. For starters, both are designed for automation with easy integration and extensive control options for controlling the process. 

The smooth and precise flow control of the PD2K Auto delivers the consistency needed for this demanding process. When paired with the uniform and consistent spray atomization of Pro Xpc Auto, it makes sure the part is consistently covered. 

The addition of electrostatic charges ensure the particles are uniformly dispersed and wrap around to cover even the tough to reach spots. The electrostatic spray pattern also reduces overspray and waste. In a market where lives are on the line and poor quality is not an option, the Pro Xpc Auto and ProMix PD2K Auto will help you be at ease at 30,000 feet.

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