Finishing Solutions for Cylinders and Tanks

Quickly change colors or spray different types of material on the same system.


Tanks, cylinders, and other similar products are used to contain and transport different types of liquids or gasses. These pressure vessels need to stand up to rough handling and resist corrosion to ensure safe transportation. 



Tanks and cylinders may seem like a simple product to manufacture but due to the pressurized nature of the product, it requires high quality control and precision manufacturing. Complicating this process, is the high volume nature of this product. Ensuring high quality and high volume production ratesis a challenge for these manufacturers.



Delivering high quality at a high production rate is an excellent fit for automation. Graco’s automated proportioners and applicators are utilized to ensure the paint process variables are tightly controlled and that the correct material is applied at the right time with the correct process. 

Graco’s electrostatic technology applies an attractive force to the paint particle and creates better coverage with one pass. This saves time and material usage leading to better productivity and lower costs. 

For customers that require multiple materials, Graco’s ProMix PD2K automatic proportioners are just the solution. The multiple dosing pump configuration provides the customer with the flexibility to quickly change colors or spray different types of material on the same machine. 

The integrated air control feature allows the customer to create a total solution that can control applicators and fluid delivery from one easy to use interface. This plug and play solution is great for reciprocating or robot automation often used in coating tanks and cylinders. 

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