Finishing Solutions for Glass Coatings

Easily coat glass bottles, inside or out, with one easy-to-use system.


Whether it is applying the latest coating to keep ketchup from sticking or decorating glass beverage and perfume bottles, glass coating is a key application in the finishing industry.



Appearance is extremely important to consumer packaging companies. It is the key to their branding and often used to standout amongst a sea of competitors on the shelf. It is for that reason that so much effort is used to create high quality and new container coatings. 

Manufacturers of these products have high standards and frequently need to implement changes to stay current in the market. This puts pressure on the manufacturer to have flexible equipment capable of applying multiple types of materials at stringent standards at a moments notice. 



Graco’s ProMix PD2K automatic proportioner is just the right tool for this job. The flexibility of PD2K provides the customer with the ability to change colors quickly and even provide multiple material chemistries like epoxies, polyurethanes, waterborne, and solvent borne materials on the same machine. This eliminates the need for changeovers or multiple pieces of equipment and greatly simplify the process. 

The integrated flow control ensures closed loop control of material delivery resulting in a consistent spray pattern and smooth surface finish. The built-in smart controls monitor the process and signal any deviations. This is extremely important in the fast paced, high volume production lines for a consumer product.   

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