Finishing Solutions for Aerospace and Defense

Using automation to paint aircraft ensures a controlled processes and reduction in operator related errors.


Coatings are a key component in the aerospace and defense industry.  A variety of coatings are used to protect, decorate, and provide functionality to the aircraft. Coatings not only provide color and gloss but also are used for functions such as erosion resistance, anti-static dissipation or even radar evading stealth.



Aerospace applications are some of the most demanding in the entire industry. Every time an aircraft is in the air, human life is at risk and there is no room for error. Aerospace manufacturers are challenged every day to ensure processes are controlled, repeatable, and meet stringent standards. Any variation in these processes can be catastrophic.



Due to the serious nature of the application, aerospace manufacturers turn to automation to ensure controlled processes and reduction in operator related error. Robotics and automation ensure the applicators that apply the coatings are in the same position every time, but automation goes much further than just robotics. Automated control of the coating application equipment is the other necessary part of the equation. 

Graco’s ProMix PD2K uses closed loop automated control to ensure the flow rate and ratio of the material is the same every time. Constant data feedback of actual performance is available for the customer to use in monitoring the process. 

Smart logic algorithms prevent errors in flow rate values and ratio to shut the system down in the case of any variation. This level of performance is needed for this market, and Graco has developed the technology to meet these needs.

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