Finishing Solutions for Electronics

Apply an even and uniform coating on electronic devices for a beautiful appearance.


The electronic industry is a large, ever changing, and key manufacturing application. The fast product life cycle and competitive nature requires the constant need for new features and product line changes. Changing product lines quickly to meet the needs of the market requires flexibility and versatile equipment. 



There are many different coatings that are used in the electronics industry. Different coatings are used for not just painted appearance, but also rubberized soft touch, high gloss, anti-scratch, hydrophobic, even coatings for metallization to deliver a chrome appearance. 

This requires a large array of different types of materials and a high level of finish quality. Customers demand a beautiful appearance which requires high precision with the repeatability to manufacture millions of products.



Solving this challenge requires the utmost precision. Precision flow rate control, consistent spray gun performance, and fine atomization all work together to ensure an even and uniform surface is created. Any surface defects will be immediately noticed by the customer and are unacceptable. The ProMix PD2K closed loop control, manages the flow rate, while the superior atomization of AirPro EFX ensures this is accomplished. 

This application also requires precise applicator movement typically performed by a robot. The PD2K Applicator Control links with robots and PLCs to ensure all paint parameters are managed with one system for easy robotic integration. 

In addition to an amazing surface finish, the ProMix PD2K Auto has the versatility to handle many different types of material chemistries on a single machine. This flexibility allows the customer to immediately switch between different materials and accommodate the ever changing demands of the electronics market.

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