Finishing Solutions for Industrial Components

Use less paint, spend less on disposal costs and shorten color change time.


There are numerous different components in the industrial equipment market. Motors, gears, brackets, pumps, attachments and other implements are used to manufacture equipment, and all need to be painted.



Manufacturers of industrial components face several challenges. Supplying painted components requires the need for flexibility in not only color, but also product type. It is not uncommon for manufacturers to paint one product in the morning and another by break time. 

Some might even supply the same component to multiple customers requiring fast and frequent color changes which use multiple material chemistries. Meeting these demands can often require redundant equipment and increased waste due to setup and change over.



Graco’s ProMix PD2K has the technology to solve these problems. Fast and frequent product change overs are covered with PD2K’s remote mixing. 

This puts the color change valves and 2K mixing at the robot arm close to the gun to reduce flushing waste and shorten color change time. This not only saves money, but also allows for a more flexible production schedule and eliminates the need to batch paint based on color. 

The ProMix PD2K also tackles the problem of needing multiple chemistries by utilizing its mix and match four pump system. Manufacturers can paint both epoxy primers and polyurethane top coats using one machine. This also contributes to the flexibility of the paint line and reduces up front equipment costs.

Adding electrostatic applicators to the automated solution increases transfer efficiency and further reduces waste. This combination is just what industrial component manufacturers need to meet their customers' needs. 


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