Finishing Solutions for Cookware

Cookware products need to be sprayed with a number of high performance coatings to meet the needs of professional and home chefs.


It would be difficult to find someone that doesn’t use cookware. Frying pans, muffin tins, and even waffle irons are an important part of everyday life and modern day survival. Cookware technology has come a long way since the days of cast iron skillets and often times these products incorporate a number of high performance coatings to meet the needs of chefs everywhere.



Cookware has a number of different performance requirements. It needs to be able to evenly conduct heat, resist abrasion and impact due to repeated abuse from utensils, have a non-stick coating to allow for hassle free cooking and maximum clean ability, and on top of that, it has to look and feel stylish. To accomplish all of these requirements often demands several different material coatings working together. The same pan might be coated in ceramic material followed by another coating with non-stick properties, followed by yet another coating with a high gloss colorful appearance. The handle might even be sprayed with a soft touch coating for a rubberized feel. All of these coatings are spray applied and each requires a different approach. 



Different materials require different equipment solutions as each material has its own specific challenge. Ceramic materials typically require spray guns designed specifically to withstand the abrasive characteristics of the material. Graco’s AirPro EFX applicator was designed and tested to standup to these types of high wear materials. Graco's ProBell rotary atomizer technology delivers an extremely consistent fine atomization required for the smooth surface needed when applying non-stick coatings. In addition to the smooth surface, the thickness is typically built up with several thin layers. This thin film build can be closely controlled utilizing precision flow control. The ProMix PD2K Auto utilizes positive displacement pumps
to accurately control flow rates with thin non-stick coatings and even thick soft touch rubberized coatings.  


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