Finishing Solutions for Agriculture and Construction Equipment

Get a durable, fine finish paint coating with Graco's Finishing equipment.


Equipment in the agriculture and construction industries must be able to withstand heavy operation and abuse. The welded products will inevitably rust if not properly coated. In addition to protecting the metal surfaces, the paint appearance plays an important role in product branding, especially in an industry where loyalty and brand preference are deeply rooted. 



Balancing a robust paint coating with a fine appearance is no easy task. In fact, this typically involves several layers of different materials to ensure a protective coating with a tough yet aesthetic appearance. These layers often times require proper mixing of multiple component materials, sometimes involving two different types of non-compatible chemistry. 



Graco’s two component proportioners are key in overcoming this challenge. When the customer uses an epoxy primer with a polyurethane top coat, PD2K is perfect for this task. The multiple pump configuration allows the different chemical families to be mixed and dispensed on the same piece of equipment. The accurate ratio assurance ensure the paint is mixed to specification and will live up to the elements. The integrated flow control supplies the applicator with consistent result even with thick and abrasive materials. 

When it comes to applying these materials to metal, the Pro Xpc Auto is perfect for utilizing electrostatic spraying technology to ensure thorough coating with high transfer efficiency. This reduces overspray, waste, and improved efficiency.

Both products work in conjunction to provide the customer with a durable paint finish in an automated solution that saves the manufacturer money. For customers that demand the ultimate solution, Graco’s high performance ProBell rotary atomizer can increase transfer efficiency and surface finish to highest level. This solution will provide the best results in the manufacturing process –  ultimately leading to happy and loyal customers.

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