6 Reasons to Choose InvisiPac

InvisiPac® is the only truly Tank-Free™ hot melt system with melt-on-demand technology. Here’s why companies choose InvisiPac for their packaging needs.

Tank-Free™ Hot Melt System Tackles Carton Sealing Challenges

When it comes to hot melt systems for carton sealing applications, many companies share difficulties like these:

  • High operating costs
  • Productivity challenges
  • Costly pop-opens and sealing issues
  • Safety concerns from exposure to hot molten adhesive

Graco’s InvisiPac® Tank-Free™ Hot Melt System helps you tackle carton sealing challenges and achieve unmatched performance on your packaging lines.

Here are six reasons why many companies have already switched to InvisiPac.

1. Start Sealing in 10 minutes

InvisiPac’s high melting surface ratio and tank-free, melt-on-demand technology ensure a 10-minute start-up time. That’s up to nine times faster than tank-based systems, and twice as fast as tankless systems.

2. Maintain Adhesive Integrity

InvisiPac operates on a first-in, first-out (FIFO) principle that eliminates the risk of charring and thermal shock. This allows the viscosity of the adhesive to stay constant from the time it is melted to the point of dispense. See how FIFO works:

3. Realize Substantial Cost Savings

InvisiPac can help your packaging line use less adhesive, consume less energy, and need less maintenance. Most packaging lines use at least 30 percent less adhesive when they switch to InvisiPac. Some have experienced an 80 percent savings in adhesive usage.

4. Attain Consistent Sealing Quality

InvisiPac’s heated and water wash hoses are made with a silicone-insulated layer. Its applicators contain a manifold filter in the heating zone that eliminates cold spots. Both help guarantee that boxes close without excess adhesive usage.

5. Avoid Unplanned Maintenance and Downtime

Tank-based and tankless hot melt systems are prone to charring, a leading cause of nozzle plugs, unnecessary hose replacement, and high maintenance costs. The InvisiPac Tank-Free Hot Melt System eliminates charring and requires only preventive maintenance. Its free-flow applicators have no dead spots where adhesive char can build up and clog nozzles.

6. Improve Operator Safety

Since InvisiPac is a fully closed system, operators are not exposed to hot adhesive and toxic fumes. Since char does not form in the automatic, tank-free hot melt system, operators do not need to scrape char buildup. This further prevents burn and slip hazards.

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