6 Reasons to Choose InvisiPac

Not all Systems are Created Equal

When it comes to hot melt systems for carton sealing applications, there are many challenges. Keeping operating costs low, improving productivity, ensuring adhesive and sealing quality and reducing dangers are some common difficulties many companies share. Graco’s InvisiPac Tank-Free Hot Melt System helps you tackle all of these sealing challenges and achieve unmatched performance on your packaging lines.

Traditional hot melt systems use a tank to heat up the adhesive and keep it at operating temperature. This process creates temperature fluctuations and adhesive charring, resulting in line stops, waste of adhesive, and excess downtime.

In order to eliminate these challenges that increase risk and costs, Graco developed the InvisiPac Tank-Free Hot Melt System with innovative melt-on-demand technology.

Here are 6 reasons why many companies have already switched to InvisiPac:


1. Fastest start-up time of the market

Unlike traditional tanks and tankless systems, the InvisiPac is designed without a tank or reservoir where adhesive is kept at operating temperatures for long periods of time. Instead, InvisiPac uses melt-on-demand technology with the highest melting surface ratio on the market. Only the exact amount of adhesive required is melted based on your desired output. This ensures a quick start-up time of only 10 minutes, which is up to 9 times faster than tank-based systems, and twice as fast as “tankless” systems.


2. Maintains Adhesive Integrity

When using the InvisiPac, adhesive is fed into the melter based on the specified output and using a first-in, first-out (FIFO) principle. This assures that the adhesive doesn’t stay at high temperatures for too long periods and that there is no contact between cold and hot adhesive in the melter, thus eliminating the risk of charring and thermal shock. This allows the viscosity of the adhesive to stay constant from the time it is melted, all the way until the point of dispense.


3. Realize Substantial Cost Savings

By utilizing a true melt-on-demand principle and keeping consistent adhesive quality from melter to applicator, the InvisiPac Hot Melt System is able to help you achieve greater savings in adhesive usage, energy consumption, and maintenance costs. InvisiPac customers are seeing minimum adhesive savings of 30% just by switching to Graco's hot melt systems. Through stitching and other optimization methods, some customers have experienced upwards of 80% savings in adhesive usage.


4. Consistent Sealing Quality

The InvisiPac system is designed to better control adhesive temperature and viscosity throughout the melting and dispensing process. Not only are the heated and water wash hoses made with a silicone-insulated layer, but also the InvisiPac's applicators contain a manifold filter in the heating zone, which eliminates cold spots. Combined, these product designs are proven to help you achieve consistent dispensing and guarantee that your boxes close without excess adhesive usage.


5. Avoid Unplanned Maintenance and Downtime

Tank-based and tankless hot melt systems are prone to charring, a leading cause of nozzle plugs, unnecessary hose replacement, and high maintenance costs. The InvisiPac Tank-Free System eliminates these common issues and requires only preventive maintenance. The elimination of these common causes of downtime is possible because of InvisiPac’s revolutionary melt-on-demand principle, where adhesive isn't kept at high temperatures for extended periods of time. 

Furthermore, the risk of adhesive charring and extra maintenance is also eliminated. The free-flow applicators have no dead spots where adhesive char can build up and eventually clog the nozzles. Instead, the superior heated hoses are designed with an extra silicone layer to help reduce char and keep adhesive temperature consistent. It’s guaranteed to avoid unplanned maintenance and downtime.


6. Increase Operator Safety

Since Graco’s InvisiPac is designed with a melting chamber instead of a tank, the need for manual feeding is eliminated. Additionally, operators are not exposed to hot adhesive, potential burn and slip hazards, as well as toxic fumes. Finally, because the InvisiPac automatically feeds the specific amount of adhesive to the melter rather than letting adhesive sit for a long period of time, char does not form. This results in less required maintenance and significantly decreases the potential for the operator to come in contact with burn hazards.


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