Start realizing major benefits with tank-free technology of the InvisiPac hot melt delivery systems. With a true melt on demand principle, the InvisiPac hot melt delivery systems eliminate adhesive char and improve productivity.

Advanced Feed System

  • Patented technology with self-learning feed algorithm reduces the need for constant calibrating for the right fill frequency
  • Eliminate the need to manually feed glue pellets and risk burn hazards
  • Enclosed bin removes ability for contaminations to enter glue source

Advanced Display Module

  • Provides accurate control of the complete process (temperature, usage, dispense shot sizes)
  • Delivers performance notifications when process is out of identified specifications
  • Easy to use interface for programming and stitching applications

Adhesive Melter

  • Innovative melting chambers that melt the glue quickly and dispenses it immediately
  • Eliminates char build up and maintains integrity of glue by not letting it sit at high temperatures for long periods of time

Superior Heated Hose Design

  • Extra silicone insulating layer maintains consistent temperature of the glue
  • Designed to reduce adhesive char build-up, resulting in more uptime and lower maintenance costs

Plug-Free Applicators

  • Free-flow manifold design and integrated module filter eliminates nozzle plugs
  • The fastest applicator on the market operating at 10,000 cycles per minute

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InvisiPac Adhesive Cost Savings Analysis Spreadsheet

By eliminating adhesive char, the InvisiPac hot melt system greatly reduces nozzle plugs, allowing you to apply the proper amount of glue from a properly-sized nozzle, which can add up to significant adhesive savings. Find out what your savings could be.

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