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Kizen Force 2.0 Hot Melt Adhesive

Product Description:

Kizen Force 2.0 is an ideal hot melt adhesive for end-of-line packaging and is designed for ease of use, offering fast set speeds and adhesion to a variety of packaging substrates. 


Product Characteristics:

Color: White

Thermal Viscosity: 

930 cP @ 350ºF

1,310 cP @ 325ºF

2,060 cP @ 300ºF

3,140 cP @ 275ºF

Softening Point: 228ºF

Suggested Running Temperature: 325ºF - 350ºF

Recommended Uses:

  • Case and Carton Sealing
  • Tray Erecting

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Graco System Solution:

Graco delivers a complete solution for end-of-line packaging that delivers consistent dispensing, lower maintenance costs, and increased uptime resulting in more profitability. 

InvisiPac® HM25c Tank Free Hot Melt System:

  • 10 minute quick start-up time 
  •  20-60 psi air operating pressure range
  • Pneumatic Piston Pump 12:1
  • Temperature range 100-400°F 
  • Up to 8 channels • Integrated material tracking 
  • 70% larger melting surface area
  • Melt on demand vacuum transfer- 30ft
  • Feed System container size up to 200lb

InvisiPac Pattern Controller:

  • See pattern definitions all on one screen for a comprehensive view
  • Eliminate the guesswork of pattern setup with on-screen pattern preview
  • Copy, delete, or name patterns to allow for quick changes and to keep your line running
  • Save money by converting from a solid  bead to a stitched bead with the push of a button
  • Easily clone applicator sequences when  you need to repeat the job

InvisiPac Heated Hoses:

  • Designed to reduce adhesive char build-up, resulting in more uptime and lower maintenance costs
  • Additional silicone insulating layer promotes even heating
  • InvisiPac Waterwash hoses for food-safe  packaging operations are Rated to IPX6, an international standard for performance in waterwash applications
  • Available in many lengths between 4ft-25ft for easy installation 

*Material performs better with shorter length hoses

InvisiPac GM100 Plug-Free™ Hot Melt Applicator:

  • Fast- operates at up to 10,000 cycles per minute to accurately place dots or stitch
  • Long-lasting for more uptime- solenoid easily lasts up to 150 million cycles with no performance impact 
  • Solenoid lasts over 5x longer than the leading competitor
  • Free-flow manifold design is engineered to eliminate dead zones where char will build up
  • Innovative module filter design eliminates nozzle plugging

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