InvisiPac Tank-Free Hot Melt Adhesive Delivery System

The InvisiPac Difference: Boosting Your Overall ROI

Tank-based systems keep your glue heated for long periods of time. This degrades material quality and produces time-consuming, plug-forming char. The fluctuating temperature changes your glue viscosity, causing inconsistencies in dispensing and uncontrolled glue waste along with exposing operators to molten adhesive, risking severe burns and injuries.

 InvisiPac HM25c at the QED Environmental Systems plant InvisiPac HM25c at the QED Environmental Systems plant

With InvisiPac, you’ll experience far less downtime, produce more with a better seal, and increase operator safety. You’ll use significantly less adhesive and be able to drastically reduce your spare parts inventory. All delivering more profits to your bottom line. And have the data to prove it! How? The difference is the technology. No tank. Period. The innovative design, with larger melting surface, melts the glue quickly, and dispenses it immediately, controlling a consistent viscosity and dispensing exactly what is needed, down to the hundredth of a gram.

Unmatched Hot Melt Performance

With the newly designed InvisiPac HM25c, experience the advantages only tank-free technology can provide. The compact size and tank-free design easily integrates into your existing packaging lines, improving your productivity and profitability by redefining reliability and ensuring operator safety.


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Optimize your packaging production today with


savings of hot melt adhesive. Guaranteed


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Realize a reduction in start-up energy used by


thanks to an industry-leading 10 minute start-up time


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Reduce operator burn exposure and achieve


in potential savings for every hot melt SIF that occurs

Better in Every Aspect

A Closer Look at the InvisiPac Hot Melt System

InvisiPac Hot Melt System HM10 & HM25c Comparison
Venturi Feed Tube System Venturi Feed Tube System Venturi Feed Tube System

Venturi Feed Tube System

Automatic feed supplies only the amount of hot melt adhesive pellets needed.

Venturi feed hose connects directly to the melter inlet.

Operators use air control to adjust pellet speed. Remote feed option also is available.

On-Board Hopper On-Board Hopper On-Board Hopper

On-Board Hopper

A low profile and clear lid make it easy to quickly fill and monitor the hot melt system. An external shaker underneath the hopper helps prevent clumping as the pellets move to the Venturi feed inlet.

Operator accessed components are not heated, effectively preventing burn injuries.

User Interface User Interface User Interface

User Interface

Intuitive, nine-inch touchscreen allows for better process control and operation. The display is tilted, so that it’s easy to see and manage the following:

  • Hot melt target and real temperature
  • System setup and diagnostics
  • Maintenance reminders and advice
  • Material consumption logs
Automatic Feed System Automatic Feed System Automatic Feed System

Automatic Feed System

Patented self-learning feed algorithm takes the guesswork out of filling the hot melt system. The hopper automatically feeds the granules into the machine, based on required output.

  • No burn risk as the operator does not come into contact with the heated areas and hot molten adhesive
  • No debris or contaminants in the adhesive as the hopper is fully enclosed
Melter Melter Melter


Chambers with high melting surface ratio evenly heat hot melt adhesive pellets. First-in-first-out system ensures the first adhesive melted is the first dispensed, eliminating adhesive char and thermal shocking.

Advanced Display Module Advanced Display Module Advanced Display Module

Advanced Display Module

The intuitive color LCD interface is easy to learn, making it easy to accurately control the complete hot melt system.

Pattern control option converts dispense from a solid bead to a stitched bead with the push of a button, saving time and money.


Long-term Success at Summit Brewing

"The one stand out feature of InvisiPac would be reliability. We've had these machines running for 7-8 years now and have almost no downtime... With the InvisiPac machines, they never break down and are really low maintenance."

Steve Secor
Summit Brewing Packaging Manager

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