Torque Series Hydraulic Pump


Defying Conventions



  • Larger, twin-piston pump design delivers more oil per stroke—in fact, each stroke delivers 15X more oil than typical pumps
  • Renegade uses a variable speed brushless DC motor—it automatically changes speed to maximize oil flow at any pressure


  • Oversized piston pumps run slower and cooler resulting in less wear and longer life
  • High capacity oil cooler with powered fan prevents heat build up extending pump, motor and valve life
  • Case-cooled brushless DC motor runs cooler even when using longer extension cords


  • Wireless pendant operation—no more cords to manage as you work the tools
  • Plug your extension cord directly into the pump—there is no separate power cord to manage
  • Digital display uses LED light technology making it easy to read—even in low light conditions

WATCH: See how the Renegade TSP compares

Born out of necessity

For decades, other companies have served the bolting market with traditional hydraulic pumps that were originally designed for non-bolting applications. At Graco, we set out to create a better solution. The Renegade TSP looks different, runs different, even sounds different because it is different than any other bolting pack on the market today.

Graco Inc. was established in 1926 and today is a world leader in fluid handling solutions. Investing heavily in Research and Development, often at several times the rate of its peers, Graco develops cutting edge technologies that serve today’s markets while preparing for the needs of tomorrow. To learn more about Graco please visit: About Graco.

Made in the USA. The Renegade Torque Series Pump is designed, machined, manufactured, and assembled in our Rogers, Minnesota facility.


Superior Bolt Torquing Technology


Pump Size Matters

  • 15X more oil displacement per pump stroke than typical packs
  • Designed to deliver maximum oil flow across the entire bolting application
  • Larger pumps run slower, lasting longer
  • Double acting pump design delivers oil flow on both the up and down stroke, increasing efficiency and speed

Other Brands' Pump Bodies and Pistons


Renegade Pump Body and Pistons

What's Inside Matters

  • Unlike traditional metal-on-metal pump designs, Renegade uses energized U-cup packing seals to eliminate oil blow-by
  • Carbon fiber filled PTFE seals maintain performance even in hot operating conditions
  • Oversized flow passages allow for maximum oil flow and fast cold weather start ups

Other Brands' Pistons without Seals


Renegade Pistons with Seals


Maximum Control Delivers Maximum Flow

SmartControl Microprocessor

  • Controls both motor speed and the oil flow from the pumps
  • Automatically switches between single pump and dual pump flow

Variable Speed Brushless Motor

  • Automatically changes speed to maximize oil flow

ProGuard Protection System

  • Prevents damage associated with connecting to incorrect power



Runs Cool Under Pressure

High-Capacity Oil Cooler

  • Efficiently transfer heat away from the critical system components to ensure long life

High Flow Cooling Fan

  • Delivers constant air flow across all critical system components

Less Maintenance

Case-Cooled Brushless DC Motor

  • No brushes to wear or replace
  • Optimized for heat transfer with current carrying windings on the outer motor case
  • Heat dissipating cooling fins carry heat away to keep the motor running cool

Field-Proven Protection

Oversized Dual Pump Filters

  • We know that real jobs eventually result in dirty oil—that's why we use oversized pump filters, the largest filtration system in the industry

Real World Reliability

Triple-Layer Incoming Oil Filters

  • Incoming oil filters are also at the connection point to decrease the chance of contaminating the oil each time a hose or tool is connected


Cutting Cord Problems


Cordless Pendant Operation

  • No cord to manage, control, repair, or wrap up at the end of the day
  • Operate up to 100 feet away

Direct Connect Power Port

  • Grab your extension cord and plug it right into the pack (up to 100 feet)—easily get a replacement anywhere
  • No hard-wired cord to fail or repair

User-Friendly Pendant Design


EZ-Press Thumb Control

  • Lightest press force is less fatiguing than any other pendant

EZ-Pull Trigger

  • Easily switch to convenient trigger pull operation

High-Visibility LED Display Screen


Bright LED Display

  • Readable in all light conditions, long distances and at wide angles

Display Capabilities

  • Pressure read out
  • Re-settable hour meter
  • Lifetime hour meter
  • Auto calibration
  • Auto prime

Built-In Back Up Plans


On-Board Manual Advance Switch

  • Provides the ability to operate the pack even without a pendant
  • Lose the pendant, drive over the pendant, you still get the job done no matter what happens to the pendant

15 / 20 Amp Power Selector

  • Keep the pack in 20A mode for fastest operation
  • If you find yourself on limited power source, switch to the 15A mode and complete the job without throwing a breaker


Technical Specifications

Maximum psi (bar, MPa) 10,000 (700, 68.9)
Maximum gpm (lpm) 1.7 (6.4)
Motor (brushless DC) 2 HP
120V, A, Hz 15A/20A, 50/60
Recommended Hydraulic Oil ISO 10 to ISO 68
Environmental Temperature Range -40°—120° F (-40°—49° C)
Oil Capacity 1 gal (3.8 L)


Weight (Dry) 78 lb (35.5 kg)
Height 17 in (43 cm)
Length 17.75 in (45 cm)
Width 14 in (36 cm)

Ordering Information

Renegade TSP, Corded Pendant, 120V 17U632
Renegade TSP, Wireless Pendant, 120V 17U633
Spare Corded Pendant, 30 ft (10 m) 17U758
Spare Wireless Pendant 17U762
Four Tool Distribution Manifold 17U670

AMERICAN BUILT QUALITY — Graco field-proven Renegade Torque Series Hydraulic Pumps are designed, manufactured, assembled, and 100% factory-tested in the USA.