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Five Reasons Why Graco is a Great Place to Intern:

1. Turn Your Internship Into a Real Job!
What better way to launch your career than through your internship experience? Bypass repeating the career fair and job search process by turning your internship into a real job at Graco. This past year, 32% of interns received full time positions after graduation! 

2. Get Paid!
Not only are all of Graco’s internships paid, but based on a 2015 survey done by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, Graco paid it’s interns over $2 per hour more than the national average. That equates to almost another $1,000 in earnings over the course of a 12 week internship.

3. Get to Know Your Intern Group and Get Connected with Graco Employees!
At Graco, we value culture, and we foster that culture by providing outlets for people to get together and network. We want you to leave with not only tangible experience in your field, but a number of professional relationships, and mentors. That is why we have numerous intern events throughout the summer. Some of these include:

  • Intern Lunch and Learns: Interns come together once a month for informative speakers, factory tours, and most importantly, free lunch! This is a great way to meet other interns and learn from corporate leaders about our different divisions and locations.
  • Intern/ Manager Networking Events: We set aside time to bring interns and managers from different divisions to get to know one another, talk about projects, and again enjoy more free food! Seeing a theme here? It’s a great way to get your foot in the door for future full time positions by building relationships in a more informal setting.
  • Intern Presentation Day: Interns are given the opportunity to give a synopsis of their summer projects and experience. We invite managers and executives to sit back and be impressed by all of the hard work put in throughout the summer. And yes, there’s food.
  • Twins Game: At the end of the internship program, we take a trip to Target Field to watch our hometown Minnesota Twins play ball!
  • Intern Volunteer Event: Learn about Graco’s involvement in the community, The Graco Foundation and spend time with your intern cohorts in a group volunteer event.

4. A Variety of Locations to Launch Your Career!
The majority of our internships are located in Minnesota at our Minneapolis, Rogers, and Anoka facilities. All of our locations are close to major Minnesota universities and colleges, which makes part-time work during the school year a possibility. We also offer internships at our other business locations in Ohio, South Dakota, and Indiana, as well as, home based internships in various parts of the country.

5. Real Life, Hands-on Experience!
Our internship program provides on the job training. If you are looking to push paperwork all day, this isn’t the opportunity for you. As an intern, you will work closely with your manager to solve problems pertinent to the company’s success. We feel that it is important interns leave with worthwhile experience, and strong additions to their resume.

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